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Counseling Services

Our Online, In-Home & In-Office Individual and Family Counseling programs brings therapy and counseling to you and or your family in the privacy of your own home or in the comfort of our offices. We offer a variety of counseling services designed to meet your family’s specific needs.

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Christian Boarding School

Caribbean Mountain Academy, our therapeutic boarding school in the Dominican Republic, offers a unique and effective teen counseling program for students to work through struggles they have been facing.

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Mission Trips

Crosswinds offers short-term mission trips to our Dominican Republic location, Caribbean Mountain Academy, and to our campus in Wheatfield, IN. Youth, college students, and adults will be able to create lasting change in both the lives of our students and in the communities surrounding our campuses.

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Now accepting insurance!

Now Accepting Insurance for Crosswinds Counseling!

Now it's even easier to get your family the help it needs. Crosswinds Counseling continues to eliminate barriers for those who need help. We now accept insurance for counseling services from five local insurance networks. Additional networks are being added. Please contact us to learn if your insurance provider if one of them. We are here to help and will walk you through the process of determining what your insurance will cover. Call (877) 594-9204 today!

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Counseling Services and At-Risk Youth Boarding School Program

What is Crosswinds?

Crosswinds, located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, is a faith-based organization, rooted in strong Christian values, that was created to bring hope to families, individuals and troubled youth that are in crises. Our goal is to find the solutions needed to reclaim, restore and rebuild families.

What does Crosswinds do?

Online, In-Home, and Office Family and Individual Counseling

We provide online counseling, in-home counseling, in-office, text-based counseling, and personalized care to everyday families struggling with issues ranging from grief, to marital issues, to a rebellious teen with oppositional defiant disorder, and much more.  We work with families and individuals in the privacy of their own home, eliminating the embarrassment or hassle of driving to a counseling center and giving our therapists a first-hand look at in-home dynamics. Or you can choose to do online sessions or in office sessions.

Therapeutic Christian Boarding School – Caribbean Mountain Academy

For families with teens facing more serious issues, we offer a teen residential counseling program at our therapeutic Christian Boarding School in the Dominican Republic called Caribbean Mountain Academy. At Caribbean Mountain Academy, teens take part in intensive therapy, community service projects alongside visiting mission teams, and eye-opening activities that help them grow, heal, and regain perspective on what is important. Our location in the Dominican Republic gives them a unique opportunity to get away from the distractions of life back home and experience a new culture. But it is not just the teen who is given the opportunity to grow and heal. We believe that for lasting change to occur, the entire family must be involved in the healing process. While a troubled teen is at Caribbean Mountain Academy, their family will also be undergoing intensive therapy in the privacy of their home.

Mission Trips

At our Caribbean Mountain Academy location, we host mission trips where teams of churches, families, businesses and college students come work together to create lasting change in both the lives of our students and in the communities surrounding our campus located in the Dominican Republic. Crosswinds’ Missions and Outreach Program was created as an extension of our residential counseling program for troubled teens. Our location also provides the opportunity for us to partner with short-term teams like you, working together to create lasting change in both the lives of our students and in the communities surrounding our campus.

Why Choose Crosswinds?

We are committed to helping families in crisis experience healing and lasting change. Our faith-based programs do not offer a “quick fix,” or a” teen boot camp approach”, but rather a long-term solution to the problems families are facing. Our commitment to faith is something that goes beyond our founders and by-laws. It truly is at the core of why we do what we do. Our Christian faith shapes and upholds our commitment to operate with integrity, providing excellent and personalized care to the families and teens we serve. At Crosswinds, we recognize that each family is different and therefore no two treatment plans will look the same. Unlike many other programs, we believe that for long-term change to occur, every member of a teen or family’s circle of care must be involved in the healing process. Our approach focuses on helping whole family learn how to work together to be best family they can be.

From Our Clients…

“Truly a life-changing experience. I went from looking at my past as a kid who got expelled from military school for drug use, to a man who has now graduated high school a year early, is making remarkable accomplishments, and has discovered God, family, and life. Simply said, thank you Crosswinds.” – Caribbean Mountain Academy graduate. Read more Testimonials.

“The commute to and from the counseling agency had become awkward and difficult.  It is nice that we no longer have to worry about that car ride since you are in our home.” – In-Home Family Counseling client. Read more Testimonials.