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What can I expect at my first eating disorder counseling session?

What can I expect at my first eating disorder counseling session? By: Laura Oyer, PhD, HSPP Beginning a new relationship can be challenging, especially in a therapeutic setting where an individual may be sharing vulnerable information in the first meeting. Often individuals are unsure what to expect, how to act, what/how much to say or […]

PTSD Recovery: Living a normal life after being diagnosed with PTSD

“I’ve been diagnosed with PTSD, can I live a normal life?” By: Alicia DiGiulio, M.A. IHFC Therapist PTSD is a mental illness that affects approximately 7.8 percent of Americans at some point in their lives.  PTSD recovery is definitely possible with the right treatment.  In fact, with the right treatment, approximately 80 percent of PTSD sufferers will […]

Preventing Teenage Pregnancy

How can teenage pregnancy be prevented? By: Janae Webb, MS.Ed Therapist Seeing teen moms and young girls who are pregnant is alarming to some when they consider how the young mothers’ and fathers’ lives have changed and will continue to change at a time when their main concern should be far less than taking care of another […]

Lack of Frustration Distress Tolerance and What it Means for Your Child

Why you shouldn’t give your phone/iPad to your child when they are in distress By: Brooke Sellhorn, MA, LMFT Clinical Director of Crosswinds In-Home Family Counseling Brooke is a practicing marriage and family therapist, clinical supervisor, and mom of four young children who are learning distress tolerance skills without technology pacifiers every day. A millennial […]