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[infographic] Depression

Many people experience depressive symptoms from time to time, but a diagnosis of clinical depression is defined by a number of factors, including how long a person has been experiencing certain symptoms, and how severe and debilitating the symptoms are. If you or a loved on is dealing with Depression, working with a counselor to […]

10 Everyday Habits to Maintain Mental Health

Everyday Habits to Maintain Mental Health By: T Martin Graverson, MA Therapist With the business of life, the schedules to maintain, and the many responsibilities that fall on us, it is easy for our lives to feel out of balance and for our mental health to seem anything but healthy.  It is quite normal to […]

I’ve Noticed Self-Harm Scars on My Son’s Arm – What Can I Do?

My son has self-harm scars on his arm, what can I do? By: Tim Gilleand, M.A. Therapist According to HealthyPlace, an online mental health outlet, one out of five females and one out of seven males engage in some sort of self-harm activity such as cutting, burning, penetrating the skin, punching one’s self, or purposely […]

Six Myths about Self-Harm And Truth Behind It

Six Myths of Self-Harm By: Blake Neuhauser, M.A. –  Therapist Self-harm can be a difficult subject to discuss.  It can seem messy, confusing, and uncomfortable to talk about.  As a result of the uncomfortable stigma surrounding self-harm, there have been many misconceptions that have sprung from this seemingly ambiguous problem.  By outlining and discussing these […]