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Teacher Spends Spring Break Giving Back

Teacher Spends Spring Break Giving Back For most, Spring Break is a time to relax and recharge but for this Oak Lawn-Hometown Middle School teacher, it was a time to give back. Julie DeRuiter, a physical education teacher at the middle school, led a church youth group to the Dominican Republic to aid the community. […]

How to find the right mission trip for your family?

How to find the right mission trip for your family? By: Tomi Cardin, Director of the Missions Program When a family decides to embark on a family mission trip there is usually a tremendous amount of excitement and anticipation mixed equally with anxiety and uncertainty.  Especially when that trip will take your family out of […]

What to look for when planning a Christian Mission trip?

Planning a Christian Mission Trip Short Term Mission Trips are much more than a mere adventure, it’s part of fulfilling Jesus’ Great Commission so it is important to look thoughtfully and prayerfully as you plan your trip. Ask yourself these three questions: Is the organization Christ-centered? Look at an organization’s mission statement, explore their website. […]

[infographic] Depression

Many people experience depressive symptoms from time to time, but a diagnosis of clinical depression is defined by a number of factors, including how long a person has been experiencing certain symptoms, and how severe and debilitating the symptoms are. If you or a loved on is dealing with Depression, working with a counselor to […]