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Serving Our Therapeutic Christian Boarding School Families

Supporting Your Whole Family With Our Family Counseling Services

Crosswinds’ programs are built to support your whole family—including parents, siblings, grandparents, or any other significant individuals involved in your family dynamic. We believe that with whole family involvement, our chances of helping any individual or family experience lasting change are exponentially greater.

Family Counseling

This process starts with our In-Home Family Counseling, which provides your family with counseling, support, and training in the privacy of your own home. In situations where families are seeking our help for a troubled teen, we recommend this counseling as a first step if possible, in an effort to prevent the need for an out-of-home placement.

Christian Boarding School

In some situations, however, the intensity of the struggles really calls for a “time out.” Here the troubled teen and their family need some space to think clearly, process the issues they’re facing, and make some significant changes. In these cases, the teen goes into residential programming  at our therapeutic Christian Boarding School, while the family continues to receive ongoing care from our In-Home Family Counseling team.

This is a crucial element of our residential program, as it gives families the opportunity to continue learning healthy ways to interact with their teen and to continue healing from past pain.  Once your teen is ready to return home, our team will prepare and guide your family through the reunification process. This can be especially critical to preserve the progress that’s been made and to navigate the natural ups-and-downs that come with reunification.