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Why should we go through premarital counseling?

Why should we go through premarital counseling? By: Brooke Sellhorn, MA, LMFT “Why are you getting married?” “Because we are in love and we make each other happy.  We don’t want to spend time with anyone else.  We are ready to start our life together.” These may be typical answers given by an engaged couple. […]

My Husband has Anxiety, Will In-Home Counseling Help?

Can in-home counseling help my husband with his anxiety? By T. Martin Graverson, M.A. – Therapist According to various surveys, anywhere from 18-30% of Americans suffer from anxiety.  Although women are twice as likely to have anxiety than men, the effects of anxiety on men can be debilitating.  In-home counseling offers many benefits and eliminates […]

What can we expect at our first marriage counseling session?

What to Expect at your First Marriage Counseling Session By: Shannon M. Brady, M.S. Therapist Whether a therapist is going to a home or seeing a client at their office, there are similar things that will occur in the first marriage counseling session.  When a therapist is meeting clients for the first time, they should […]

Should my spouse and I consider marriage counseling?

How to know when your marriage could benefit from in -home marriage counseling? By: Benjamin Fuller, LMHC If you’re reading this post, I’m going to go ahead and assume you are already having thoughts that marriage counseling might be of some benefit to you. However, you may be unsure as to how to go about […]