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10 Signs Your Teen is Using Drugs

10 Signs Your Teen May be Doing Drugs By Alicia J. DiGiulio, M.A.   What’s That Smell? Have a real, face-to-face conversation when your teen comes home after socializing with friends. The smell may be on his or her breath, on clothing, and in hair. The use of products that are intended to make a room […]

Preventing Teenage Pregnancy

How can teenage pregnancy be prevented? By: Janae Webb, MS.Ed Therapist Seeing teen moms and young girls who are pregnant is alarming to some when they consider how the young mothers’ and fathers’ lives have changed and will continue to change at a time when their main concern should be far less than taking care of another […]

How to Talk to Your Family About Teenage Drinking

Teenage Drinking and How to Talk to Your Teen About It By: Tim LaGro, LMHC I have been treating folks with substance use disorders from 13 to 70 years old for the past five years in a community mental health setting. What I can tell you and the statistics back up, is that substance use […]

Is my teen at risk for teenage pregnancy?

I worry my teen is at risk for teenage pregnancy, what I can do? By: Janae Webb, MS.Ed Therapist Some teens experiment with high-risk behavior without completely thinking through the consequences of their actions. Maintaining a strong relationship with your teen is key in helping the teen through this time in her life. Teens need […]