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In-Home Family Counseling|Online Family Counseling

Not the traditional model.
Online Counseling meets you where you are.

Many individuals and families who have tried traditional forms of counseling have found Online Counseling to be more convenient and accessible as you can talk with a trained professional in your own home, during a time that fits your schedule. No more awkward waiting rooms, budgeting time and money for transportation, or getting everyone to the office. We come to you (virtually)! It also provides an additional layer of comfort for everyone involved.

We understand that you and your family are facing challenges every day. The weight of these issues impact your quality of life, ability to navigate daily responsibilities, and at times, can be utterly overwhelming. You don’t have to go through this alone. Our staff is here to help you identify problems, develop a plan, and partner with you to strengthen and transform yourself, your relationships, and your family. We work with individuals, couples, and families seeking help for a variety of problems, such as relationship and communication difficulties, behavioral issues, situational stressors, and some mental health concerns. Our services are online-based, which means one of our providers will connect with you or your family virtually, through video conferencing and/or phone.

How is Online Counseling different?

Saves you time.

Time is valuable and Online Family Counseling allows you to skip the commute to an office, creating more effective use of your time.

Saves you money.

By eliminating your commute to the office, you save on transportation costs. It also reduces the costs for the provider, allowing us to deliver the services at a lower rate compared to in-office counseling.

More comfortable.

When we join you virtually, you and your family are able to experience an added level of comfort and security in your own home.

Respectful of your privacy.

No more sitting awkwardly in a counseling office waiting room. We provide the opportunity to keep your identity and struggles private.

Provides deeper insight into the issues.

When you are more comfortable, we are able to interact with you on a more personal level and can gain a better understanding of you and your relational/familial dynamics.


What do I need for Online Counseling?

  • A charged electronic device (e.g., computer, phone, tablet) that has a working camera/web-cam and speakers
  • Quality internet or cellular connection
  • A private, quiet room with minimal distractions


What are some other terms used for Online Counseling?couple e-care therapy

  • tele-therapy
  • tele-counseling
  • e-therapy
  • e-care
  • cyberspace counseling
  • virtual therapy
  • e-counseling
  • online therapy


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Online counseling is not appropriate for all kinds of problems. If you are in crisis or have suicidal thoughts, it’s important that you seek help immediately. Please call 1-800-273-8255 (National Suicide Prevention Lifeline) or 911 and ask for help. If your issue is an emergency, call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.