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Support Us: Your Donation Can Make a Difference

Throughout almost 20 years of holding roles serving non-profit organizations, I have learned a lot about family. I have learned that no family is perfect, and no family is above struggling. I have also learned that even in the most broken homes, healing and restoration is possible, but it will not happen without hard work.

I believe our mission of changing hearts and bringing hope to hurting teens and families is making a big impact, both now and in generations to come. Unless we help families remain together, we will be forever supporting the consequences of broken homes across this country.

By meeting families wherever they are—at the beginning stages of crisis, or at their wit’s end—Crosswinds is working to restore family unity in current generations, making the way for safer and stronger homes in the future.

I want to invite you to come alongside us and take a stand for families, many of whom have known nothing but pain and rejection. By supporting our programs and staff, you can help families rediscover hope and receive the gift of a fresh start.

May God bless you and your family,

Mark Terrell

Mark Terrell
CEO, Crosswinds