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10 Great Ideas for Fundraising for Your Next Missions Trip

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Although teen mission trips are great adventures, fundraising is not usually on the top of the list of things to look forward to. Asking for support can be uncomfortable. But without support, it probably won’t be an affordable mission trip. Follow these ideas, and fundraising doesn’t have to be so difficult. It can even be fun!

Have Fun With These Fundraising Ideas

1. Spread the Word Online

Start a blog, post Facebook and Instagram updates, or remind people of your upcoming trip on your Snapchat story. Fill them in on the details of your trip and invite them to be a part of what you’re doing. The more you remind people about your trip, the more likely people will be to give.

2. Mail Letters or Postcards

In order for people to give, they first have to be aware of your need for support. Not everyone is on social media, and everyone enjoys getting mail. Having a physical letter will also make it harder for people to forget to donate if they were intending to. Include pictures. They make your letter more interesting. Or consider sending a postcard with a picture that people can put on their refrigerator.

Creative Ways to Pay For Fundraisers3. Offer Multiple Options on How to Give

Make donating easy: an app like Venmo or GoFundMe will allow people to give money right away online. Others might prefer to mail a check, so include an address. For larger donors wanting a tax deduction, consider asking your local church to set up a fund for you. Your sending organization may also have a tax-deductible way to give.

4. Host an Event

Do you like party planning? Host a fun party and ask for donations at the event, or you can charge a certain amount for people to come.

5. Sell T-shirts

Are you going to another country? Try designing a T-shirt with an outline of the country and include a Bible verse that is meaningful to you. If designing your own T-shirt sounds intimidating, Fund The Nations will design your T-shirt for free.

6. Host a Bake Sale

Ask your friends and family to donate baked goods and sell them after church or school. Just make sure to get permission first.

7. Do a Car Wash

Doing acts of service not only benefits you, it benefits others, too. Recruit volunteers to help wash cars and watch the donations come in!

8. Have a Garage Sale

There may be people who want to support you but are unable to give financially. This is a great way for them to support you without breaking the bank. Ask people to donate unwanted items, and then sell them from your garage. You can also have an online garage sale, selling things on your social media, Craigslist, or Ebay.

9. Get Local Restaurants Involved

Many restaurants will be happy to help contribute to your cause. Just pick a day and they will donate a portion of their sales to your trip. Spread the news to your friends and family that they can support you while eating a delicious meal!

10. Ask for Prayer

Whether or not people are able to give financially, ask them if they would commit to praying for you. Send out regular prayer requests. If you still need more financial support, ask them to pray about it! God is able to do more than we can do on our own, and He wants us to come to Him with all our needs.


Some of these suggestions will resonate better with your situation and personality than others. Follow some or all of these steps for an affordable mission trip for teenagers. The key is spreading the word and keeping people informed. You may be surprised by the people who donate, so don’t count anyone out. Don’t forget to keep people updated while you are on your trip as well. Fundraising can be an enjoyable beginning to your missionary adventure.


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