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7 Creative Ways to Pay for a Therapeutic Boarding School

7 Creative Ways to Pay For Tuition at a Therapeutic Boarding School - Crosswinds Caribbean Mountain AcademyDeciding to send your son or daughter to a therapeutic boarding school is a huge decision for a family on many levels.  One aspect that can add to the difficulty is the price. The cost of a residential program depends on many factors, including location, staff credentials and qualifications, facility, program duration, and more. These are important things to consider when evaluating a placement option for your child. High-quality treatment can hard to accept due to pricing, but with a little creativity, high-quality help can be affordable.

Average Tuition Costs

Most therapeutic boarding schools today cost around $8,000-$12,000 per month. This is a large price tag and significantly limits who can access this level of care for their children. Crosswinds has worked hard to bring down the price point of our therapeutic boarding school, Caribbean Mountain Academy (CMA), in order to allow more families access to the help their teen needs.

CMA has been able to maintain a lower tuition rate by offering this program in the Dominican Republic where the cost of living is less than the United States.  Also, financial support of staff and the organization from individual donors and churches allow tuition costs to remain low.

Because of this, we’ve been able to keep tuition for our students at $6,000 per month. Though this amount may still seem daunting, there are options to consider if you know Caribbean Mountain Academy is a good fit for your struggling teenager.

Perspective of Cost

Regarding how to pay for a residential program, there is no clear-cut answer that is right for every family. Most families will have to make sacrifices to make this possible, so we like to help them exhaust all options prior to enrolling a teen in our program. The reason we feel so strongly about making it work for families who may be struggling with meeting tuition requirements, is that we see this as no different than a physical health issue. If your child was physically ill and needed life-saving treatment, there is no question about the resources that would be spent to make them well. The same can be said of a struggling family with an at-risk teen at the center. The entire family is affected by his or her behaviors and change is necessary, no matter the cost.

Get Resourceful

If you find yourself in the position of needing a fresh start for your struggling teenager, there are a few resources and options to consider.

  1. Budget: The first step is to tighten up your budget. Go through your expenses and trim them down to your basic needs as much as possible. Use any extra money toward the program you have chosen for your child.
  2. Financial Help: Sometimes families are able to receive financial help from a church network, veteran benefits program, or other family members who can assist in covering the costs.
  3. Fundraising: Some families also have luck crowd-sourcing the funds through an online webpage.
  4. Credit Card Options: Open a new credit card that offers a 0% interest rate (or low interest rate) for a significant period of time – this way there is a longer window in which to pay off the card, with little to no extra financial detriment.
  5. College Savings Accounts: Check with your financial institution to determine if your 529 plan or other college savings accounts can be used for this school.
  6. Loans: Other choices include taking out a second mortgage or a personal loan.
  7. Insurance: Explore with your health insurance provider what they may cover towards the medical portion of the program.


Our Goal

Our goal is to be a resource to families who are willing to make this investment into their son or daughter’s future, and we pray that the student will respond to the seeds that are planted.

If you have further questions about how to fund your child’s placement at CMA, please reach out to us at

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