Accessible, comfortable, and convenient counseling services.

We are Crosswinds

Our Mission

Our mission is to change hearts and bring hope to individuals, families, and communities.

Our History

Crosswinds was created to provide everyday families with the resources and options they desperately need to overcome family struggles.

Why is it called Crosswinds?

A crosswind is a strong wind that blows across the direction that an airplane is traveling in, making it difficult for them to keep moving steadily forward. A crosswind, simply put, blows you off course. When a plane hits a crosswind, the natural inclination is to avoid the crosswind, but the best course of action is to plow straight forward.

We chose the name Crosswinds, because that’s exactly what we want to help our clients to do: move straight through their hardships and obstacles, to find growth and opportunities, to find the positive side of their challenges, and come out of their crosswind better because of it.

We can’t stop obstacles, or crosswinds, from appearing in life, but we can choose how we face them. They may block our vision temporarily, or upset our cadence, but if we persevere by moving through them, we will learn and grow on our journey to the other side.

Our Founding

For many years, Lifeline Youth & Family Services, of Fort Wayne, Indiana had been looking for ways to take their successful programs for children and families who were involved in the court system to the hundreds of everyday families who called each year looking for help.  Many of these families were facing problems with their troubled teen such as rebellion, substance abuse, anger, or the first signs of delinquency and recognized the need to seek help before the problems became worse.

It was Lifeline’s goal to intervene early with youth and families who were struggling and to prevent more serious consequences from occurring. To that end, Lifeline began by launching its In-Home Family Counseling program, which brings home-based, personalized therapy to families reaching out for help.  Looking forward, Lifeline hoped to expand this program to include residential counseling at a therapeutic Christian Boarding School as an option for teens that temporarily needed a change in their environment.

Several years later, Lifeline’s CEO was approached by the management of a different non-profit and asked if Lifeline would like to merge. After discussion, due diligence and evaluation, Lifeline declined the merger based on fundamental differences in programming philosophies and practices.

Shortly thereafter, this non-profit made the decision to close. At that time, Lifeline was asked if we would be interested in acquiring the remaining assets of the non-profit, mainly property and facilities, upon its closing. In 2012, after further discussion and evaluation, Lifeline accepted the acquisition of these assets. The addition of the facilities allowed Lifeline’s leaders to create the residential option they had been working towards.  This was an amazing opportunity to offer a truly authentic experience at a therapeutic Christian Boarding School for families seeking treatment options other than a teen boot camp solution. Subsequently, they were able to oversee the birth of a new organization that combined both family counseling and residential components: Crosswinds.

Today, Crosswinds brings the experience of nearly 50 years of service from Lifeline to this new organization, which offers a full range of services that can be “mixed and matched” to meet families’ unique situations and changing needs.

  • Individual & Family Counseling – Through in-home, in-office, text-based, or online “virtual” counseling or coaching sessions, we walk individuals or families through customized treatment plans and help them become stronger—together.
  • Caribbean Mountain Academy Many teens see life in a way that revolves around them—positively or negatively.  What people think of them, the pressures they’re facing, the things they have, the things they don’t have, what they’re going to do for the upcoming weekend, and the list goes on and on.  In cases where youth need a new perspective, our therapeutic Christian boarding school in the Dominican Republic helps shift the focus from “my world” to “the world around me.”
  • Aftercare – Our Family Counseling continues with the parents and siblings while a teen is at Caribbean Mountain Academy, and also provides much-needed support and guidance as families are reunited after a student’s stay at CMA.
  • Employee Assistance Program – An Employee Assistance Program developed by Crosswinds is a confidential resource/tool to help employees handle the challenges and stresses of life. It is a workplace-based program that provides services to employers and their employees to help with the human side of the business.

Family Focus

One of the most important things we learned from the experience of our founders is that it is not just the child or individual family member in crisis who needs support and care. It is the entire family network as a support system. That’s why our programs are built to support you, and your whole family—including parents, siblings, grandparents, or any other significant individuals involved in your family dynamic. We believe that, when possible, with whole family involvement, our chances of helping any individual or family experience lasting change are exponentially greater.

We also recognize that some families may require assistance that is beyond our doors.  The bottom line is this: if we can’t help an individual or their family, we’ll help them find someone who can.  Once they call us, they are not alone.