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Safety at Caribbean Mountain Academy

          The Dominican Republic has been in the news as of late, unfortunately due to a spike in deaths of visitors to Dominican resorts. We are saddened by these deaths; however, we want to take the opportunity to reassure. These deaths are very specifically related to resort tourists. At Caribbean Mountain […]

IWU Announces Partnership with Lasting Change Organizations to Drive Holistic Change in Community

IWU announces partnership with Lasting Change organizations to drive holistic change in community University and nonprofit team up to create a pipeline of qualified professionals FORT WAYNE, Ind. (April 30, 2019) — Indiana Wesleyan University – National & Global has announced a partnership, and an upcoming press conference, with Lasting Change, Inc., a family of […]

Five Self-Care Tips That Aren’t Massages

It has become quite evident that as a whole, our culture puts busyness on a pedestal and exhaustion has become a status symbol. Yet, many of the books, magazine articles, and presentations that cross our paths inform us that this way of life is ruining our health, our families, and our happiness. Self-care is a […]

Anxiety Isn’t Always Bad

When you hear the word “anxiety,” what do you think of? Excessive worry? Sweating, tightness in your chest, heart racing? With descriptors like these, it’s no surprise that most people associate anxiety with being a solely negative word. The truth is, though, anxiety isn’t always bad. Anxiety is actually our body’s natural way of protecting […]