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Mother-Daughter Conflict: What You Need to Know

By: Janae Webb, MS.Ed., LMFTA, Crosswinds Therapist Advice For Healthy Mother-Daughter Relationships Mother-daughter relationships are often the most complicated relationships we have. When girls are young, the relationship is often peaceful. As daughters grow up, their personalities emerge often with emotions and complexities as they navigate their teenage years. It is not uncommon to hear […]

Unplugged: The Benefits of Screen-Free Time for Children

We all instinctively know that too much screen time is not healthy for us or for our children. While too much screen time may be unhealthy, there are many positives that come from access to phones and computers. It allows us to connect with people that we wouldn’t have access to otherwise, gives us access […]

Why is There a Difference in Boarding School Costs For Troubled Teens?

How Much Do Therapeutic Boarding Schools Cost? When a family first begins the task of looking for the best program to help their son or daughter, it can be overwhelming and full of questions. Not only are there different types of programs, with various therapeutic focus and philosophies, but there is also a broad spectrum […]

A Family Mission Trip Experience to Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic

One Family’s Mission Trip Story A glimpse into what your family might experience on a Crosswinds’ mission trip to Caribbean Mountain Academy in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic. Arrival to the Dominican Republic The plane touches down in the Dominican Republic at 8 p.m., bringing a family to Caribbean Mountain Academy (CMA). It is already dark. The […]