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Losses, Other Than Death, That Can Lead to a Grief Response in Family Members

By: Blake Neuhauser MA Grief Is an Often Misunderstood Emotion When most people think about grief, often their first thought is associated with the death of someone. In reality, grief is a more extensive emotion than what it is seen on a surface-level. This extent can be identified by looking at the definition of grief […]

How Crosswinds Serves Other Communities in the Dominican Republic

When taking a mission trip to the Dominican Republic to serve at Caribbean Mountain Academy (CMA), there are many ways to serve the surrounding community. At CMA, Missions teams, CMA staff, and boarding school students all work together to serve hand in hand. Depending on your mission team’s strengths, there are a wide variety of […]

What is a Residential Treatment Center?

While you are seeking out solutions for your teen who may be struggling, it can be overwhelming to read through different types of treatment options and understand what they really mean. You’re probably thinking what many parents in your shoes have thought – what exactly is a residential treatment center, and what does that mean […]

Eating Disorders: Understanding the Root Causes

By: Laura Oyer, PhD, HSPP (Psychologist & Crosswinds Clinical Director) It’s all about control. It’s her mother’s fault – if she had just focused on her daughter’s body less, this wouldn’t have happened. Clearly, her father is the reason she’s doing this. She just wants attention. It’s TV and social media – our culture is […]