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The Benefits of Family Therapy For Depression

  By: Shanna Keller, Psychologist Trainee Battling depression can be a very lonely experience for many people. Low energy, insomnia, and depressed mood often compel a person to stay home, stay in bed, and stay away from others. Unfortunately, this fuels even more negative symptoms of depression, such as isolation, feelings of guilt and worthlessness, […]

Five Reasons Forgiveness Matters and How Counseling Can Help

  By: Tim Gilleand, M.A. When we are hurt, upset, or angry we sometimes feel as though we have three options for dealing with these emotions. The first is revenge, “they hurt me; I’ll hurt them back.” The problem with revenge is it throws us into a never-ending cycle of hurt. The second option is […]

Overview of CWC Service Offerings: In-Home Therapy vs In-Office Therapy vs Online Counseling

Crosswinds offers a variety of ways to receive counseling, whether it’s in-home, in-office, or online. Each mode of counseling is designed to help give you the help you need when you need it. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits for each form of counseling.  In-Home Therapy  In-home therapy can be beneficial to […]

Give the Gift of Service this Christmas

How many of us this Christmas will go shopping for typical gifts such as toys, clothes, and jewelry? These novelties are fun and exciting, but also fleeting and temporary. It sometimes seems that the most celebrated thing at Christmas time is materialism, which is the exact opposite of what our Lord and scripture teaches us. […]