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Benefits of an International Therapeutic Residential Program

Caribbean Mountain Academy (CMA) is a therapeutic residential program for teenagers with mental health and behavioral issues. While there are other residential or therapeutic programs, CMA has something unique to offer that other stateside residential programs cannot simply because of our location in the Dominican Republic. This opens new doors of opportunities for struggling teens […]

How to Ensure Credibility of A Mission Trip Organization

How to Find a Credible Mission Trip Organization A quick internet search will show just the tip of the iceberg of how many organizations there are across the world that facilitate short-term mission trips. It can be a difficult process to narrow down and choose an organization. So how can you tell which are worth […]

7 Creative Ways to Pay for a Therapeutic Boarding School

Deciding to send your son or daughter to a therapeutic boarding school is a huge decision for a family on many levels.  One aspect that can add to the difficulty is the price. The cost of a residential program depends on many factors, including location, staff credentials and qualifications, facility, program duration, and more. These […]

Why is There a Difference in Boarding School Costs For Troubled Teens?

How Much Do Therapeutic Boarding Schools Cost? When a family first begins the task of looking for the best program to help their son or daughter, it can be overwhelming and full of questions. Not only are there different types of programs, with various therapeutic focus and philosophies, but there is also a broad spectrum […]