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Top 3 Questions Parents Should Ask a Teen Placement Program

By Andrew Stroup, CMA Director All parents have questions when it comes to raising teenagers. Teens struggle with roller-coaster-like emotions and hormones, which can be difficult for parents to navigate on a daily basis. But if you are the parent of a teen with more severe and concerning behaviors, you might be in the unique […]

How to Successfully Blend Your Family

  By Michelle K. Forgey, LMHC, LPC, RPT, MA The word “family” is a powerful one. No two families are alike; each carries its own unique composition, traditions, memories, rules, and personality. Maybe you are getting married and one or both of you have children from a previous relationship. Or perhaps your family is adopting […]

Why Choose Crosswinds’ Caribbean Mountain Academy for your Mission Trip?

  Lexie Gerent, Missions Manager Choosing Caribbean Mountain Academy for a mission trip is a great choice for your church, school, or family. CMA provides several ministry opportunities for your team, and is a great first missions opportunity for people who have not yet experienced international missions.

Encouragement for Parents of Teens in Crisis

When you are a parent with a teenager in crisis, it is common to ask where it all went wrong. Often, feelings of guilt and regret can paralyze you from taking action. Teens can sense these feelings of guilt and often use them as a weapon against you by blaming you for everything. A teen’s […]