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Crosswinds Brings Mental Health Related Seminars to Warsaw

Crosswinds, a non-profit organization that specializes in therapeutic counseling and coaching, is offering helpful and interactive seminars in Warsaw that cover a variety of mental health issues. “One in four people in this country struggle with mental illness, but only a third of them seek help.” says Jacquie Downey, Vice President of Marketing at Crosswinds. […]

CEO Mark Terrell Receives McMillen Health’s Prevention Vitality Award

Mark Terrell, CEO of Crosswinds and Lifeline Youth & Family Services received McMillen Health’s Prevention Vitality Award on Wednesday. This award recognizes exceptional ability to actively pursue preventive health measures for those they serve. By doing this, the prevention award recipient has helped others to have happier, longer and more productive lives. Crosswinds, a non-profit […]

Why should we go through premarital counseling?

By: Brooke Sellhorn, MA, LMFT “Why are you getting married?” “Because we are in love and we make each other happy.  We don’t want to spend time with anyone else.  We are ready to start our life together.” These may be typical answers given by an engaged couple.  And, they are legitimate answers as well. […]

What does the church think about counseling and mental health?

Tim Gilleand, MA   Did you know that 45% of regular church goers said they do not believe they would have been welcomed if they confessed to having a mental disorder? (Source: Lifeway Research) Historically, the church overall has done a poor job of responding to those struggling with mental health issues.  It can be […]