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How Many Drinks is Too Many?

By: Tim LaGro, LMHC When to Get Help for an Alcohol Problem If you suspect that a friend or loved one may have a problem you may use this simple screening tool called the C.A.G.E. C. Have you tried to cut down on your use and find you cannot? A. Do you find that you […]

Prescription Drug Abuse Statistics

Prescription Drug Abuse Can Affect Anyone Unfortunately, prescription drug abuse is becoming more and more common. By knowing the symptoms and keeping your prescriptions safe, you can minimize the risk of prescription drug abuse in your household. If you or a loved one is struggling with a prescription drug addiction, we can help. Contact Crosswinds today […]

My Husband has Anxiety, Will In-Home Counseling Help?

Will Counseling Help my Husband Manage His Anxiety? According to various surveys, anywhere from 18-30% of Americans suffer from anxiety.  Although women are twice as likely to have anxiety than men, the effects of anxiety on men can be debilitating.   In-home counseling offers many benefits and eliminates some of the obstacles that can be […]

What is Home Based Therapy?

By Blake Neuhauser – Master’s Level Intern/Family Coach   When deciding who to call for counseling, clients often see the options available and wonder how home based therapy differs from traditional counseling. There are several key ways that set home-based counseling apart from traditional office-based counseling. Why Home-Based Counseling is a Great Option It takes […]