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What Makes Us Different?

Family Counseling & Help for Troubled Teens

We know that experiencing strife and brokenness within your own family can be extremely painful and with so many different options out there, finding the right solution can be just as hard! At Crosswinds, we have five distinct areas of programming that we believe set us apart from other social service organizations. Our commitment to faith, whole family focus, therapeutic model, comprehensive options, and personalized care, all combine to give your family and troubled teen the best possible care.

We seek solutions that will help your family experience lasting change and growth, rather than just a “quick fix” or “teen boot camp” solution. Our programs work to restore your family to emotional, mental and spiritual health, and then give you the tools to stay that way for the long-term. For this to be successful, we believe that the whole family needs to be involved in the process. Every aspect of our programming, both our Family Counseling program and Residential program, is set up carefully and intentionally with this in mind. Crosswinds is one of the few organizations that offers both a general family counseling program and a residential option specifically for troubled teens. This is in part because we believe family counseling, whether through Crosswinds or another agency, should always be a first step in sorting through problems. Only in cases where traditional counseling has failed, or the physical or emotional safety of a struggling teen is being threatened by their choices will we recommend residential counseling to a family.

Take a look at each area of our programming that sets us apart from other family counseling and residential counseling programs and consider if Crosswinds may be the right fit for you and your family.