Serving families and adolescents with counseling, mission trip experiences and boarding school programs designed to help individuals succeed, families thrive and communities prosper.

Comprehensive Options to Meet Your Family’s Needs

No one program will meet every family’s needs. That’s why Crosswinds offers a full range of services that can be mixed and matched to meet your family’s unique situation and changing needs throughout your care.

In-Home Family Counseling 

Crosswinds’ In-Home Family Counseling team helps families map out the steps to turn things around in their home.  As painful as your situation has been, the idea of going to a support group or counseling office can be intimidating or worrisome: Who will I run into there?  What if I fall apart?  I’m so angry at times—what will they think of me?  The advantage of working with Crosswinds is that we bring the counseling, training, and tools your family needs right to you.  Our professional therapists and family consultants will meet with your family in your home whenever possible.  This not only brings greater results as we work within the natural dynamics of your home environment, but it also provides added peace of mind. Through weekly in-home or online “virtual” family sessions, we walk your family through your customized treatment plan and help you become stronger—together.

Christian Boarding School

In some cases, the level of behavior or crisis your troubled teen is dealing with can be to a point that requires a more substantial level of intervention.  That’s where the residential program at our therapeutic Christian Boarding School plays a key role as a viable treatment option. Our Christian Boarding school offers a much-needed break for parents and other family members, while providing your son or daughter with the treatment and wake-up call they need.


In most cases, teens will be returning to their family following their stay in Crosswinds’ residential program.  In fact, we start preparing for that day from their first day in the program.  Our family counseling services not only continue with the parents and siblings while the teen is in placement, but they also provide much-needed support and guidance as your family is reunited.