Accessible, comfortable, and convenient counseling services.

Help For Troubled Teens

Personalized Care From a Therapist

Throughout your time with Crosswinds, your family will be assigned a Therapist. This person has one priority, and that is to make sure you receive the highest quality of service from our team. Initially, you will work directly with the Intake Coordinator to evaluate your service options, then the Therapist will have you meet your care team, and get started. During this time your Therapist will determine which of our services will be the best fit for your family’s unique situation. We recognize that no two families are exactly alike, and therefore no two treatment plans will be exactly alike.

On an ongoing basis, the specialist will touch base with you to see how your care is going, schedule your appointments and meetings, answer your questions, share progress reports, and make sure all of your needs and expectations are being met. Whatever the need or question, it is the only call you will need to make.

For families with students at Caribbean Mountain Academy, our therapeutic Christian Boarding School, a personalized treatment plan for your child will be developed within 30 days of their enrollment. This gives our therapists time to evaluate where your child is at currently, and then develop therapeutic goals for them to work towards.

As you can see, Crosswinds is committed to rebuilding and restoring your family. However, this commitment goes two ways. Your family must also be determined to become stronger together. We know that is not an easy commitment to make and we don’t take it lightly. But, without this shared determination and effort, our work is futile.