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Beth’s Testimony: Family Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic

Crosswinds Family Mission Trip Testimony to the Dominican Republic

Family Mission Trip – Let God Lead You

When my husband, Wally, suggested we take a family mission trip during Christmas break, my heart said yes right way. But my brain wasn’t sure, since that is such a busy time of the year. But, eventually I did say yes and looked forward to getting away to serve alongside Wally, Matt, Lucy and our dear friend, Stephanie.

After booking this trip, the month of December brought with it new trials and heartaches as Wally’s mom passed away unexpectedly but peacefully, and my sister Molly faced health challenges as she underwent open heart surgery. After Molly had subsequent problems with heart rhythm, she got a pacemaker three days before Christmas. Everything seemed out of whack and we even contemplated canceling our trip. But we were reminded that God has been growing our dependence on Him as we navigate life when things are not going as we hope or expect. John 16:33 says: “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world, you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” God tells us that in this world we will have trouble. No one is immune from struggles, heartache, and pain, but we are to take heart and find our peace in Him because He has overcome the world. Life is all about how we persevere through the challenges and where we draw our strength and hope from.

Taking a Leap of Faith in the Dominican Republic

dventure to Dominican Republic Waterfall - Crosswinds Family Mission Trip

So, our family took the trip as scheduled and spent a week serving at Crosswinds’ Caribbean Mountain Academy (CMA) in the Dominican Republic. It was an incredibly powerful, purposeful, and heart-changing week. One of the best things about serving is it takes the focus off our own problems or distractions. It teaches us to be less self-focused and grows in us a heart of compassion for others. In addition, I loved working alongside my family as I remembered past mission trips with Matt and Haley. There is something very special about doing a purposeful trip as a family – it’s good for the soul!

Family Mission Trip Housing - Crosswinds Caribbean Mountain Academy

CMA is a Christian boarding school that provides a safe and structured environment for teenagers to work through the struggles they are facing. I’m thankful there is a healthy, safe place like CMA for hurting teenagers. I can’t say enough about the incredible staff and the way they lovingly walk alongside the students, supporting them and giving them the space to work through issues on their own, with assistance from the counselors.

If you feel compelled or inspired to organize a group to serve at CMA, take action and do it! Their staff will customize an incredible mission experience for you and your team, family, or youth group and welcome you with open arms. And I promise, it will change your life and your perspective!

Author: Beth W, a CMA mission trip participant and Crosswinds donor

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