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Choose the Best Therapeutic Boarding School For Your Teen

As a parent, looking for the best therapeutic boarding school for your teen, you will quickly realize there are many options, and a huge range of boarding schools which are all over the country, and even internationally. This makes the task of finding the right fit for your child more difficult as you search for […]

Top 3 Questions Parents Should Ask a Teen Placement Program

By Andrew Stroup, CMA Director All parents have questions when it comes to raising teenagers. Teens struggle with roller-coaster-like emotions and hormones, which can be difficult for parents to navigate on a daily basis. But if you are the parent of a teen with more severe and concerning behaviors, you might be in the unique […]

An Interview with CMA’s Clinical Supervisor

Kaitlyn Ramsier, the clinical supervisor at Caribbean Mountain Academy, shares her insights about the program as well as her experience working in the DR for several years. What drew you to want to work for an international boarding school? I actually worked in residential Stateside. The international aspect attracted me for a few reasons, including […]

7 Creative Ways to Pay for a Therapeutic Boarding School

Deciding to send your son or daughter to a therapeutic boarding school is a huge decision for a family on many levels.  One aspect that can add to the difficulty is the price. The cost of a residential program depends on many factors, including location, staff credentials and qualifications, facility, program duration, and more. These […]