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Why is There a Difference in Boarding School Costs For Troubled Teens?

How Much Do Therapeutic Boarding Schools Cost? When a family first begins the task of looking for the best program to help their son or daughter, it can be overwhelming and full of questions. Not only are there different types of programs, with various therapeutic focus and philosophies, but there is also a broad spectrum […]

A Day in the Life: Attending Crosswinds Christian Boarding School

Weekly Schedule – Caribbean Mountain Academy At Crosswinds’ Christian therapeutic boarding school, Caribbean Mountain Academy, we structure every part of our program to benefit your child and help them grow. Whether it’s participating in service projects, school, or adventure activities, each scheduled activity is meant to benefit your student in various ways. Why don’t we […]

Summer vs Long-Term Boarding School at CMA

Caribbean Mountain Academy Summer Camp vs Boarding School Located in the Dominican Republic, Crosswinds’ Caribbean Mountain Academy (CMA) is a Christian therapeutic boarding school that features adventure-based learning. Caribbean Mountain Academy offers two programs to benefit your teen, a summer program for troubled teens or teens who are in crisis, and a boarding school for […]

A Typical Weekly Schedule At Caribbean Mountain Academy

Caribbean Mountain Academy is a therapeutic, faith-based, residential program which offers an eight week summer program for troubled youth, focusing on helping your child make positive changes in his or her life. Let’s take a walk through what a typical week would look like for your child. Weekday Caribbean Mountain Academy Curriculum During the week, students […]