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Compare Treatment Programs for Your Struggling Teen

Teen Military Schools & Boot Camps vs Therapeutic Christian Boarding Schools Nearly 1 in 7 youth will run away from home, around 20% of teens will experience a serious mental disorder in their life, and approximately 50% have misused drugs at least once in their lifetime. It’s not uncommon for youth to struggle with obeying […]

When is a Therapeutic Boarding School the Right Fit for My Child?

By: Kaitlyn Ramsier, Clinical Manager at Crosswinds’ Caribbean Mountain Academy   Boarding Schools & Therapy There are many types of boarding schools in America and across the globe. Some focus on teaching and learning, others on more emotional and internal change. All have various amounts of time that they are completed in; some focused on […]

Common Mistakes Parents Make With Raising Their Children

Common Parenting Mistakes By: Jeremiah J. Brown, Regional Coordinator One of the greatest joys of my life has been the birth of my two boys.  I remember vividly the day that Micaiah and Josiah were born.  I also remember the prayer I prayed after I held each of them for the first time… “Dear Lord, […]

What Should I do when my Teen is Disrespectful?

Parenting Disrespectful Teenagers By Kevin Hedrick, Vice President of Residential Services Children, especially teens, are going to have struggled. At times they may even be disrespectful toward authority. The number one factor that will determine how they get through that struggle is you. It is your action, reaction, response or lack thereof that will strongly influence the […]