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If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes: Family Involvement

At Crosswinds, we have a phrase we sometimes use that says, “If nothing changes, nothing changes.” What this means is that if a teen in our care returns to the exact same environment that they were in previously, any changes that took place at our residential program may be short-lived. This is why we believe […]

Second Chances at Caribbean Mountain Academy

By Melisa Gomez, Caribbean Mountain Academy Missions Manager/Teacher Many people have asked me what I do on a daily basis at Caribbean Mountain Academy (CMA) and most of the time I struggle to find the words to explain my job. Here is my best attempt to explain where the Lord has called me to work […]

Loving Our Neighbors at Caribbean Mountain Academy

Although the mission of Crosswinds is to bring healing and hope to hurting teens and families, we are excited about the ways God has been opening doors for more and more opportunities to serve the Dominican communities around Caribbean Mountain Academy. Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing with you several stories of […]

Straight from the Staff: What is Caribbean Mountain Academy?

The following is an excerpt taken from staff member Jaci Bailey’s September newsletter and provides a beautiful summary of what Caribbean Mountain Academy is all about. What is Caribbean Mountain Academy? CMA (Caribbean Mountain Academy) is a six step counseling program for struggling teenagers that is run by Crosswinds Youth, Inc. The students are typically […]