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Why should we go through premarital counseling?

By: Brooke Sellhorn, MA, LMFT “Why are you getting married?” “Because we are in love and we make each other happy.  We don’t want to spend time with anyone else.  We are ready to start our life together.” These may be typical answers given by an engaged couple.  And, they are legitimate answers as well. […]

What does the church think about counseling and mental health?

Tim Gilleand, MA   Did you know that 45% of regular church goers said they do not believe they would have been welcomed if they confessed to having a mental disorder? (Source: Lifeway Research) Historically, the church overall has done a poor job of responding to those struggling with mental health issues.  It can be […]

What You Should Know About Depression

Depression is a Serious Illness that Affects Everyone Many people experience depressive symptoms from time to time, but a diagnosis of clinical depression is defined by a number of factors, including how long a person has been experiencing certain symptoms, and how severe and debilitating the symptoms are. If you or a loved one is […]

How Many Drinks is Too Many?

By: Tim LaGro, LMHC When to Get Help for an Alcohol Problem If you suspect that a friend or loved one may have a problem you may use this simple screening tool called the C.A.G.E. C. Have you tried to cut down on your use and find you cannot? A. Do you find that you […]