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Building New Traditions

Meaning That Brings Family Closer to Christ This Holiday Season By: Chad Eckert, MA Family Coach How can I bring my family closer to Christ this holiday season? It’s easy to feel like something is missing in the Christmas season with all the demands of shopping, planning, hospitality, in-laws and meaningless traditions. How do we […]

Help, I Don’t Think My Marriage Can Survive Another Holiday Season

By: Shannon M. Brady, M.S. Therapist   Often, overloaded with everyone else’s high expectations and the competing demands of family, friends and workplace associates, Christmastime is stressful for couples. Some wives and husbands feel that at best, they can muddle along until January. Some Causes of Stress Sometimes – many times — patience with each […]

What if I Don’t Believe in Therapy?

Can Therapy Help Treat Depression and Anxiety if You Don’t Believe in Therapy? By: Tim Gilleand, Therapist Entering therapy for the first time often generates many questions or concerns. Who is this person? What kind of agenda may they be pushing? How can they help me when I’ve tried over and over? What is counseling? What if […]

How can I have a happier marriage?

“Turning Toward” Your Spouse: Tips for Engaging Your Partner for a Happier Marriage Guest Blogger Kasey Butcher Santana Ph.D. Candidate – Miami University Department of English We all know how good it feels to really be noticed or listened to, so it should come as no surprise that a key secret to a long, happy marriage […]