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3 Ways to Prepare for a Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic

Preparing for a week-long mission trip can be overwhelming, especially when you are looking to be in a completely different culture. You likely have a lot of questions regarding what to bring, what the community will be like, and what types of projects you will be helping with. There are a few other things to […]

How to Ensure Credibility of A Mission Trip Organization

How to Find a Credible Mission Trip Organization A quick internet search will show just the tip of the iceberg of how many organizations there are across the world that facilitate short-term mission trips. It can be a difficult process to narrow down and choose an organization. So how can you tell which are worth […]

A Family Mission Trip Experience to Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic

One Family‚Äôs Mission Trip Story A glimpse into what your family might experience on a Crosswinds’ mission trip to Caribbean Mountain Academy in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic. Arrival to the Dominican Republic The plane touches down in the Dominican Republic at 8 p.m., bringing a family to Caribbean Mountain Academy (CMA). It is already dark. The […]

Summer Mission Trip Opportunity for Christian College Students

Summer Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic If you are looking for opportunities to serve overseas and you are a college student, consider serving alongside Caribbean Mountain Academy in the Dominican Republic. How will I being serving at Caribbean Mountain Academy? Caribbean Mountain Academy (CMA) is a therapeutic Christian boarding school that disconnects teenagers from […]