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CEO Mark Terrell to Serve on Judicial Nominating Commission

Mark Terrell | CrosswindsCrosswinds is excited to announce that Mark Terrell, CEO was chosen by Indiana Governor Mike Pence to serve on the Allen Superior Court Judicial Nominating Commission for the next four years. The commission is made up of seven individuals—three attorneys, three non-attorneys, and Indiana Supreme Court Justice David. David chairs the commission and according to, called the other members “fantastic representatives of the Allen County community and hard working volunteers.”

The commission completed their first nomination task last week. Mark and the other members spent two days—April 25 and 26—interviewing and reviewing applications for eight applicants for a Superior Court Judge position. The opening came available with the retirement of Judge Stephen Sims.

“The first day we spent interviewing all of the candidates. Then on the second day the commission met again to rank the eight candidates and choose three finalists,” said Mark Terrell, CEO.

Choosing A Finalist

Mark said some of the things he looked at when choosing finalists were what the applicant was passionate about and where they looked to for discernment and wisdom when they as judges needed to make the final decision.

The three names that the commission selected were sent to Governor Pence, who now has 60 days to choose which finalist will serve as Superior Court Judge.

“It’s such an honor to have been chosen to be a part of this,” said Mark, “because we are helping choose a person who will be responsible to interpret the rule of the law for the next decade.”

Mark also said he was impressed with the caliber of all of the applicants, and thoroughly enjoyed being able to be a part of the selection process.

“At Lifeline, we work with kids in the legal system so I’ve personally worked with a lot of judges. Being a part of this gave me better insights into the process they have to go through and the qualifications they need to have.”

Mark Terrell will continue to serve on the Allen Superior Court Judicial Nominating Commission for the next four years, being called on whenever there is a judicial opening that needs to be filled.