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Choose the Best Therapeutic Boarding School For Your Teen

Christian based teen boarding school

As a parent, looking for the best therapeutic boarding school for your teen, you will quickly realize there are many options, and a huge range of boarding schools which are all over the country, and even internationally.

This makes the task of finding the right fit for your child more difficult as you search for a program that closely matches your own family needs, values, and beliefs. The therapeutic boarding school that you choose will play a very intimate role in your child’s and family’s lives. Aside from some very fundamental questions that you should ask of each placement program, (3 Questions Parents Should Ask A Teen Placement Program) there are some other major areas you should consider.

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It is important that you choose a program that will be consistent and respectful of your beliefs and values. One of the biggest areas of influence in change is faith and spirituality. What is the boarding schools stance on religion? What do they teach about God? Do they have a statement of faith? How do they treat students and families who are of a different faith background?

Correction & Discipline

Another area of difference could be their philosophy of childcare and correction. Like all parents teach and parent differently, all programs will have a developed system for how they deal with challenging behavior and discipline. There is a standard of best practices within this field related to being trauma informed, relational, and therapeutic versus being punitive and authoritative. The goal should always be to teach genuine heart change, not forced compliance.


Another thing to look for while you’re making this important decision is whether or not they are accredited or certified by any third party entities specifically related to education, counseling, and programming. All good programs will already be, or be in the process of certification.

Please have a high standard for staff and programs that you send your child too as they will have a significant impact on your child’s life. The staff at these schools will essentially be taking on a portion of your role as the parent in your child’s life for 6-12 months or even more. Take the time to ask the tough questions and know the type of influence you are inviting into your family.


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