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How to Ensure Credibility of A Mission Trip Organization

How to Find a Credible Mission Trip Organization - CrosswindsHow to Find a Credible Mission Trip Organization

A quick internet search will show just the tip of the iceberg of how many organizations there are across the world that facilitate short-term mission trips. It can be a difficult process to narrow down and choose an organization. So how can you tell which are worth supporting, and which are not?

Popular answers may point you to look at where or how the donated funds are spent, what types of people are employed by the organization (natives versus foreigners), or whether the goals of the work encourage a community’s self-sustainability or dependency on others. A more meaningful evaluation process would be determining if the organization is working toward a mission that you can support wholeheartedly.

4 Questions to Ask a Short Term Missions Organization

  1. Crosswinds - Short Term Mission Trips in the Dominican RepublicWhat projects are visitors working on doing on their trips?
  2. What has the organization accomplished in the past 6 months or year?
  3. Are testimonies available for you to read, or watch, from people who served with this organizations?
  4. Are testimonials available from those who have been impacted by this organization?


Mission work is centered on relationships. Very few financial donors are willing to give outright to an individual, community, or ministry without first having a relationship with those who serve, or a deep connection with the mission.

Short-term mission trips are often a first exposure to those relationships and to the mission. They teach participants it is possible to have an impact on others, whether you’re serving in another culture, or financially supporting someone who does.

Get More Information About Crosswinds Mission Trips

Crosswinds offers a therapeutic residential boarding school, Caribbean Mountain Academy (CMA), in the Dominican Republic. One of the perks of this school is the ability to provide short-term mission trips for various groups throughout the year. Mission teams come and stay on campus for a week at a time, working alongside the students at CMA as well as many members of the local Dominican community.

If you are interested in partnering with Crosswinds on an upcoming mission trip, please contact us at 877.594.9204,, or fill out on online request form.

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