Serving families and adolescents with counseling, mission trip experiences and boarding school programs designed to help individuals succeed, families thrive and communities prosper.

Counseling & Coaching Services in Indiana

Crosswinds provides a faith-based approach to individual and family counseling with a team of highly educated therapists and coaches who are ready to assist you and your family.

Our therapists are licensed to provide therapy for issues including:

We are now accepting insurance for Crosswinds Counseling!

Now it is even easier to get your family the help it needs.

Crosswinds Counseling continues to eliminate barriers for those who need help. We now accept insurance for counseling services from five local insurance networks.

Additional networks will continue to be added. Please call 260-238-8704 or email to check if your insurance provider is one of them.

Online & Text Counseling & Coaching

Would you rather skip the drive and get help where you are? Learn more about Crosswinds’ convenient and confidential Online Counseling and Coaching.

Call 877.594.9204 today or text ONLINE to 260-238-8939 to learn more.

In-Office Counseling & Coaching

Crosswinds offices are located at our home office, where our Counselors and Coaches meet with clients to identify problems and strengths, and assist you in developing a plan, and partnering with you to transform and strengthen yourself, your relationship, and your family. Counselors and Coaches work with clients seeking help for a variety of reasons, such as:

    • Emotional/mental health issues
    • Suffering marriages
    • Troubled teenagers
    • Communication problems
    • Trauma and grief
  • Adoption and attachment issues

In-Home Counseling & Coaching

Consider counseling and coaching services in the comfort of your home.

Benefits of In-Home Counseling

  • Eliminates the commute: Your time is valuable. In-Home Counseling allows you to skip the commute to an office, creating a more efficient use of your time.
  • Adds comfort: When we join you in your home, you are able to experience an added level of comfort and security in your own home.
  • Respects your privacy: No more sitting awkwardly in a counseling office waiting room; we provide the opportunity to keep your struggles private.
  • Provides a better understanding of the challenges: When you are more comfortable, we are able to interact with you on a more personal level and can gain a better understanding of the situation and relevant family dynamics.

Counseling in Schools

Crosswinds is addressing the current culture in schools and providing a solution that can immediately make schools safer. We believe that children need an outlet for the pain and struggles they my be experiencing. Through in-school counseling, Crosswinds supports them with the strategies they need to overcome and succeed.

Crosswinds’ counselors currently in schools are dealing with students of all ages who are experiencing:

  • Anxiety
  • Pressure to succeed
  • Anger
  • Depression
  • Fear
  • Bullying
  • Trauma
  • Abuse
  • Suicidal Thoughts
  • School violence
  • Parent Conflict
  • Misbehavior

teenager leaning on school bus

“Parents don’t see the trauma their students are facing at school. We have 4th graders talking about suicide. We are dealing with serious issues in the grade schools! Our counselor has really helped me deal with these issues and is helping our students!”

– Principal at a school with a Crosswinds Counselor

We are currently in many K-12 schools and have experienced overwhelming success. If you think your school could benefit from counseling. Please contact

Counseling Office Locations

Crosswinds’ offers in-office and in-home counseling services across the state of Indiana with office locations in each of the following counties.

Porter County Counseling, La Porte County Counseling, St. Joseph County Counseling, Elkhart County Counseling, Dekalb County Counseling, Kosciusko County Counseling, Allen County Counseling, Wells County Counseling, Howard County Counseling, Tippecanoe County Counseling, Delaware County Counseling, Madison County CounselingMarion County CounselingMonroe County CounselingVigo County Counseling, and Vanderburgh County Counseling.

Crosswinds Main Counseling Office Location

Crosswinds’ main office is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana and provides counseling services to the following counties.

Northeastern Indiana Counseling

Adams, Allen, DeKalb, Huntington, LaGrange, Noble, Steuben, Wells, Whitley County

Northwestern Indiana Counseling

Elkhart, Kosciusko, Marshall, St. Joseph County

Central Indiana Counseling

Boone, Delaware, Hamilton, Hendricks, Henry, Marion, Montgomery, Morgan, Putnam, Wayne County

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