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The Crosswinds’ Approach to Family Counseling

Our Philosophy: Family and Troubled Teen Counseling

At Crosswinds, we appreciate family and take your needs and desires into account during every therapy session. Our family counseling approach begins with professional staff and therapists that are dedicated to each individual and to helping you overcome any obstacles that you may be facing. We offer a variety of counseling styles including faith-based therapy, on-site and online therapy, youth counseling and much more.

The Whole Family

Our team of therapists at Crosswinds can mix and match different aspects of our family counseling approach to meet your family’s specific needs. From in-home therapy to online live video sessions, our team offers options to find what works best for you.

Family Counseling

Family counseling provides a time and a place where family members can be honest with each other about their experiences, without feeling like they may be attacked or punished.

Youth & Teen Counseling

Counseling sessions with your child focus on their personal concerns. Ultimately, your family’s goals will be accomplished as we work with your child to gain a sense of self-awareness, self-knowledge, and self-acceptance. We also offer specialized therapy for troubled youth.

Parent Counseling

Parent therapy sessions focus on helping parents cope with the emotional struggles and difficulties that come with the turbulence they have been experiencing in their family.

Parent Coaching

Parents are greatly influenced by how they themselves were raised. Crosswinds parent coaching focuses largely on developing new parenting skills that are effective and more adaptive in the present.

Specialty Counseling Services

We understand that all families and individuals are unique and our team is here to help. For those individuals struggling with depression and anxiety, bullying, grief, stress and more, we have highly-trained professionals who are eager to help teach new ways to cope and heal.


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