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Crosswinds Counseling Testimonials & Reviews

To know if a counseling agency will be a good fit for you and your family is to hear straight from the mouths of those who have actually experienced it. Here’s what some of our current and former In-Home Family Counseling clients are saying about services they received from Crosswinds.

“Crosswinds is a like a drink of cold water in a dry and weary land. Many times our life’s journey can get off course and we find ourselves lost and depleted in a desolate, dark place. Crosswinds provides support, resources and guidance (like a compass) for getting us back on track. We still have to work our plan, but we feel energized and hopeful. No matter what your difficulty, whether you’re young or old, you will never regret asking Crosswinds staff to accompany you along the path of your life.”

“When I reached out to Crosswinds my family was in crisis. My daughter was cutting herself. My son was distant and depressed. My marriage was strained. I felt shame as a mother and didn’t want anyone to know how desperate we were. I was able to do much of the intake discreetly through email. Shana came to our home. She didn’t judge us. She helped piece us back together. Less than 1 year later we were back in track! We are once again the loving family that I am proud of! ”

“Our family is very grateful for the kindness the counselor showed our entire family throughout her time in our daughter’s life! She available during crisis moments, was encouraging and challenging to our family’s strength and growth, reassured us with attainable goals and helpful resources when necessary. The staff communicated sensitive topics gently, was generous in sharing opportunities for financial assistance, and was generally understanding. Our experiences with Crosswinds has been rewarding! Thank you!”

“She was a great counselor and very compassionate. She didn’t push or force anything too soon. She helped our family with the circumstances we needed to work through. We have found a wonderful place to come back to if we need it. Thank you!”

“Our experience with Crosswinds has been a fantastic one. The difference I’ve seen in my teenage daughter since pairing up with her counselor has been amazing. I couldn’t be more thankful for your program and staff. I feel like I have gotten my daughter back.”

“We have tried other counselors and it has not really worked. The Parent Coaching you have provided has really made a difference in our home. We are finally seeing a difference in ourselves and in our kids.”

“We really enjoy that you come to our home. It is so nice not having to find child-care for our younger children while we focus on [our teen daughter] Amy.”

“The commute to and from the counseling agency had become awkward and difficult. It is nice that we no longer have to worry about that car ride anymore since you are in our home.”

“We did not have to convince [our teen son] Brandon to get in the car. We requested the in-home consultation without his knowledge. Brandon participated with the therapist once she was here and he was comfortable in his own surroundings.”

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