Serving families and adolescents with counseling, mission trip experiences and boarding school programs designed to help individuals succeed, families thrive and communities prosper.

Corporate Wellness Program and more!

Corporate Wellness Program developed by Crosswinds is a confidential resource/tool to help employees handle the challenges and stresses of life. It is a workplace-based program that provides services to employers and their employees to help with the human side of business. Employees are provided with confidential, professional assistance to themselves and their family members if they are experiencing any personal challenges or issues that may be impacting their work or their lives. These services are provided to employees at no cost to them, as the services are paid for by the employer.

Employees troubled by personal problems cost organizations more than twice as much as fully-functional employees cost organizations. These problems, when untreated, cost the company in higher absenteeism, higher health care costs, higher turnover, higher accidents, and lowered productivity and profitability. Our program offers four counseling sessions  for the family. Your employee and their family’s health and well-being matters to us. When you need extra support, an outside perspective, or some expert guidance, talking to a counselor can help.

We are Faith Based.
Our Counseling is in the HOME or at your office.
We focus on the ENTIRE family.

Other Employee Options

In addition to counseling we also offer many other amenity items which you can choose from:

  • Critical Incident – counseling on site (an example would be an event such as robbery, workplace injury and/or death).
  • Early Identification – Provide information to management staff for early identification, referral management, and crisis handling of workplace issues. Management assistance is available through brief telephone consultations or EAP consultations regarding mandatory referrals of staff to EAP, disciplinary actions, substance abuse identification, as identified by the manager
  • On-Site Therapist – Provide a therapist on site at your facility for the day to meet with employees. We can be there for 2nd and 3rd shift if need be.
  • Lunch n’ Learn – Hold EAP seminars over a lunch carry-in and provide marketing materials to promote the topic. We will work with you on what the topic should be and we can also cover ideas such as: Depression: Effects on the Family and Workplace; Family Coaching, Bullying in the Workplace; Are You Managing Time? Asserting Yourself in the Workplace; Dealing with Change in the Workplace; Effective Communication – Did You Say What I Think You Said? Grief and Loss: Normal Reactions to Life Changes; Handling Anger in the Workplace; How to Deal with Difficult People; Navigating the Effects of Divorce on Kids; Drug Abuse in the Workplace: Whose Problem Is It?
  • Company Health Fair – Crosswinds will participate in your company Health Fairs and provide a therapist on site during the event.
  • Monthly Topical Tips – Share some of these tips in your HR newsletter.
  • Team Building – Team building off-sites at our Pierceton Woods Academy campus which features both a high rope and low rope course.
  • Critical and Responsible Thinking – Provide information for on-site skill-building programs that are available at a fee-for service. These workshops may be developed from your specific needs or chosen from a varied list of topics offered thru our CRT Program.
  • Strategic Planning Retreat – Refresh and reinvigorate your staff or leadership team by allowing Crosswinds to coordinate a Company Retreats customized to meet the needs of your company’s goals. Retreats are hosted at our beautiful campus called the Caribbean Mountain Academy located in the Dominican Republic.
  • Forgiveness Training – Help reshape the way your employees view one another and their family/friends by taking them through a highly relational Forgiveness Training session offered by our company Chaplain.
  • Mission Trips – Encourage your employees to embark on a life changing experience by going on a Mission Trip to our Caribbean Mountain Academy located in the Dominican Republic.


If you are interested in learning more about our programs, please email us at and we will have one of our Business Development associates follow up with you. Our program is unique in that we go to the employees home, we also focus on preventative care, employee awareness and employee development. You can choose to do our Corporate Wellness Program, or if you already have an EAP of your own, you can choose from any of our above amenity items.