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Crosswinds Coaching Programs

Crosswinds offers three different coaching options to meet your needs or those of your family. No matter what life change you may be experiencing, Crosswinds has the tools to guide you and your family through the transition.

College Coaching

The College Connection Program is a one-year (two semesters) program that provides the support students need to navigate the demands of college life. Issues facing college students include overwhelming academic responsibilities, chronic stress, anxiety, isolation, eating disorders, depression, and alcohol and/or drug dependency. With this program, students connect with their assigned coach or counselor when it works best in their busy schedules so they can feel empowered to address their struggles without additional stress.

This two-semester program includes:

  • A 1-hour intro session to get to know the coach or counselor
  • Two 30-minute live video sessions per month
  • Unlimited text messages to the student’s coach/counselor; receive a response twice a day, five days a week


Life Coaching

Crosswinds’ Life Coaching provides clients the tools needed to go from good to great. Coaches can work with individuals, couples, and families, and sessions can be conducted in-office, in your home, or online. Clients who are a good fit for coaching services include those who are relatively well-adjusted, functional, motivated, and willing to progress toward a desired goal. The coach works with the client to maximize potential by making progress in a specific area identified by the client. They work together to create a vision, identify action steps and barriers, build on skills and strengths, create accountability, and ultimately get closer to or reach the client’s desired goal.

Life Coaching is utilized for goal areas such as:

  • Improving communication
  • Deepening connection within a couple or family
  • Understanding one’s identity
  • Spiritual development
  • Creating a healthier lifestyle
  • Job change/career transition


Family Coaching

Family activity parents and children interactingCrosswinds believes that lasting change occurs most often when the whole family is involved in the process. Because of this belief, Crosswinds offers a unique, curriculum-based family coaching program.

If you find yourself wishing you knew how to deepen connections within your family, could use outside motivation to make a few changes within the home, or are blending two families together, Family Coaching is the perfect opportunity to address these needs.

Using the Family Assets Index, in just seven coaching sessions, family members work together to strengthen core areas, including:


The Crosswinds team of coaches and therapists are specially trained to provide these program opportunities to individuals and families across Indiana. Reach out today to speak with an admissions coordinator for more information or to set up an appointment.

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