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Family Coaching 

Get Life Coaching Sessions for the Entire Family

For a new approach to bringing out the best within your home, try a family coach through Crosswinds. Don’t just sit back and guess about the strength of your family! Actively work to be the best you can be with a Crosswinds coach at your side.

Using the Family Assets Index, in just seven coaching sessions, families will have the opportunity to strengthen core areas, including:

  • Nurturing Relationships
  • Establishing Routines
  • Maintaining Expectations
  • Adapting to Challenges
  • Connecting to Community


How Healthy is Your Family?

According to the Search Institutes American Family Assets Study, healthy families exhibit the following traits:

Nurturing Relationships

Establishing Routines

  • Family meals & shared activities
  • Meaningful traditions
  • Dependability

Maintaining Expectations

  • Open to tough topics
  • Defined boundaries & fair rules
  • Clear Expectations

Adapting to Challenges

  • Adaptability & Problem solving
  • Democratic decision making
  • Management of daily commitments

Connecting to Community

  • Neighborhood cohesion & support
  • Relationships with others
  • Enriching Activities


Crosswinds’ In-Home Family Coaching program allows families to see their score in each area and provides the tools needed to increase healthy traits that result in healthier families!