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In-Home Family Counseling Services

Family Counseling for Troubled Teens, At-Risk Youth, & Struggling Families

The decision of when to use in-home family counseling services or when to seek therapy can be a difficult one. Maybe it’s our preconceived ideas about what “counseling” is.  Or maybe we’re afraid of what getting help may say about us or our parenting abilities. But in reality, family counseling is a healthy and effective way that all kinds of “normal” families use to get help.  In fact, when you consider that roughly 1 in 5 have sought counseling at some time or another, it seems even more normal!

The question is how to know if your seemingly “troubled teen“, at-risk youth or family needs counseling.  Here are a few things to think through:

  1. How have the solutions you’ve tried been working?  Are things staying the same or getting worse?
  2. Have you had people suggest counseling for your family, teen or at-risk youth, like a trusted friend, pastor, or someone from your child’s school?
  3. Are drugs or alcohol playing a role in your family’s struggles?  These issues can take hold fast and hard in a person’s life.  Let someone who has experience in this area help your family sort out where you’re at and what kind of help is available for your family, teen or at-risk youth.
  4. Is there any physical aggression or fears of physical aggression in your home or child’s life?  Are you concerned that someone in your home may hurt themselves?  Ignoring it or thinking it will get better on its own can put you or your child in danger.
  5. Are the problems of your youth, teenager or another family member creating issues in your home for others?
  6. Does your family struggle with healthy communication?


Does My Family Need Counseling or Therapy?

If you are still wrestling with the question of whether or not to seek counseling, the answer is probably, “yes.”  Something has led you this far.  You owe it to yourself and to your family to at least make a phone call to learn what help and support are available.

Crosswinds Family Counseling supports families facing:


Crosswinds Family Counseling Specialties

Crosswinds specialty is working with families that have a child with behavioral or emotional issues and may exhibit the following warning signs:

  • Excessively sad and withdrawn
  • Defiant, disrespectful, or argumentative (oppositional defiant disorder)
  • Self-destructive behaviors
  • Running away
  • Sexually promiscuous
  • Verbally and/or physically aggressive
  • Significant change in sleeping patterns (excessively sleepy or night/day mix-up)
  • Drastic, sustained drop in grades
  • Lying; cheating; stealing; and manipulation
  • Drug and alcohol usage; consistent usage or experimentation
  • Seeming hatred of family, isolation
  • “Virtual” video gaming or internet addiction
  • Choice of “friends” are destructive, display disrespect, are age inappropriate for your teen, live lifestyles in opposition to your families beliefs and your child refuses to disconnect from them
  • Disregard for or total infatuation with appearance
  • Fascination or pursuit of magic-power, “the dark arts”
  • Narcissism or extreme controlling actions and attitude


Looking for help for your troubled youth, teen or family? You are not alone. Help is just a phone call away.

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