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Save your Marriage, or Prepare for Marriage, with Couples Counseling

One of the greatest adventures of your life: marriage. Whether you have been married for one year, 10 years, 25 years or just now deciding you are ready to get married – Marriage couples counseling is good for you! You need to expect bumps in the road – that’s part of married life.

During our therapy, we will utilize a program assessment called SYMBIS, which helps couples preparing for marriage, as well as those who are already married.

SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts) is a packaged four to six session assessment and feedback service for couples preparing for marriage and/or for those who are already married and wanting to enhance their relationship. The assessment focuses on several areas, including: mindset, well-being, social support, finances, expectations, remarriage, and blending a family.

What will be reviewed during the program?


What’s your attitude toward marriage? Research reveals the course of your relationship will be impacted by the combination of your two mindsets toward marriage.


Your marriage can only be as healthy as the two of you. Exploring your well-being as individuals, as well as the well-being of your relationship, is vital to launching enduring love.

Social Support

You are marrying a set of circumstances as well as each other. Being aware of how your two worlds combine on a practical level is essential to making sure they don’t collide on an emotional level.


Your financial skills, attitude and history, make up an important part of the context you’re bringing into marriage. A healthy “money talk” will curtail countless currency conflicts.


Making your roles conscious: for most people, the biggest part of their “context” is where they unconsciously learned about a husband and wife’s role from their family of origin.

Remarriage and Blending a Family

You have a unique set of challenges but there is no reason you can’t make your second marriage a first-class success.


Improve the Dynamics of your Marriage

Remember, there has never been a marriage dynamic like the one you two are creating together. The combination of your two personalities can be mapped out to discover how you are hard-wired to give and receive love. We will review how you solve problems, how you influence each other, how you react to change, how you cope with stress and how you make decisions.


What is love? Perhaps it’s no surprise that everyone seems to have their own answer. After all, each of us is hardwired uniquely for giving and receiving love.


Marriage was never intended to make you happy – YOU make your marriage happy. How? It all comes down to attitude and adaptability, in other words, your ability to adjust to things outside of your control.


Communication is the lifeblood of your relationship. The more understanding and better understood each of you feels, the stronger your marriage.


We all know men and women are different, but understanding how these differences drive our deepest needs, on top of our unique personalities, can make or break a relationship.


Conflict is inevitable, even for loving couples. It’s the price we pay for a deeper level of intimacy. When you learn to fight a good fight, you can use conflict to your advantage.


Even happily married couples eventually discover a soulful longing to bond with their spouse, not just for comfort or passion – but also for spiritual meaning.

Find more tips and advice on ways to keep your marriage alive, how to improve your marriage relationship and what you should do when you and your spouse don’t agree on discipline.

Couples Counseling Services are easy to fit into your schedule

Our couples counseling services take place in your home. No sitting in a waiting room for marriage counseling. The nature of our services allow you to maintain privacy. Being in your home also helps our staff facilitate change as they work with you in your most comfortable environment—home. Although our headquarters are located in Fort Wayne, we have therapists available all across Indiana. In addition, we offer online counseling via video conferencing for families living anywhere.

A recent couple from Iowa commented: “We are so impressed and happy with your insight into each of us and our relationship, and your ability to simplify concepts, validate feelings and give us simple strategies to work on.”

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