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How Successful are Therapeutic Programs in Treating At-Risk Youth?

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Determining how successful therapeutic programs are in treating youth that is considered “at risk” can be quite difficult.

For parents who are considering sending their teens to a program like this, it makes sense that you would naturally ask questions to determine a proven track record in providing successful treatment for this type of client or student. Most programs have statistics called “outcomes,” that, of course, will give you a raw breakdown of numbers and show you at least in general terms the “success” of a program. The tricky part of this is that from program to program, these measures are often different, making it very hard to compare one to the other.

What Does “At-Risk” Mean?

The difficulty in laying out a clear common ground answer is that every parent, student, and family has a different idea of what “at risk” means, as well as what “success” is. Usually, when parents are seeking intensive help from a therapeutic boarding school or residential program, it’s because they have tried all other community based options for help and these local services have not produced the relational healing, or even physical safety needed for long term success of the student. These parents believe that their son or daughter, if they continue on the current path of choices, will do irreparable harm to themselves, others, and their future.

What Does Success Look Like?

Although we provide counseling to help with these struggles, Crosswinds believes that success in this context is not about “curing” a student from their diagnosis of ODD, ADHD, or forcing a student to obey rules. Success is simply providing the mental, emotional, relational, educational, social and spiritual opportunity to live in safe context without all the baggage, and allow them to work on restoring the parts of their life that are out of balance.

We want every student and their family to learn to communicate well, trust each other, and thrive. We see ourselves as the scaffolding of a building, surrounding families for a short time to provide the support needed in order to produce a strong, independent, and successful family.


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