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How do I organize a trip to Caribbean Mountain Academy?

The first step to organizing your trip is to contact us at (877) 594-9204 with your request. Or fill out the request form here.

Can I lead a trip to Caribbean Mountain Academy?

You absolutely can! All you need is do is to invite people with a like-mindedness to serve to join you. Crosswinds makes being a group leader a breeze! We will handle all the logistics of your trip.

What will I do when I get there?

We will customize your mission trip service to your interests and the needs in the community and on campus. Serving could include help in construction of a home or church of someone in need, sports ministry, vacation bible school, evangelism, food distribution and more. Crosswinds aims to create both an immediate and long-term impact with each visiting team. As each team is a bit different, each itinerary is customized to meet a team’s specific needs and goals.

What is your minimum age?

Minimum age for a minor traveling with his/her guardian is ten years old. If any minors are going on a trip, a member of at least 25 years of age must be accompanying to chaperone, with signed permission to take responsibility of the minors while traveling.

How big should my group be?

Your group should be at least five people. This helps create a more impactful experience. An average team is comprised of 10 – 25 people.

How much does a trip cost? What is included in the cost? Is airfare included?

The cost is $75 per person per day for a Mission Trip or $200 per night for a Family of up to five family members. This covers all local transportation, lodging, and three daily meals.You are responsible for your own airfare and service project expenses. Crosswinds provides transportation to and from the SANTIAGO airport as well as transportation to local service projects and excursions.

Do I need a passport and visa to travel?

All North Americans traveling to the Dominican Republic must have a passport. You will not be allowed into the Dominican without one. (Note: The Dominican Republic does not support the passport card, only a regular passport book. Plan on 6-8 weeks to receive a regular passport, unless you are willing to pay extra to have it expedited.)

Where do we stay?

Your team will be staying on the campus of Caribbean Mountain Academy in the Goshen Mission House. Goshen Mission House sleeps up to 40 people.  It includes three separate bunk style rooms with bathrooms, one private apartment that sleeps up to 7 people, a meeting room, and full kitchen.

How long can I stay?

Most groups arrive on a Saturday and leave on a Saturday. If you need to do something different, mention that to us and we will see if it works with our mission team schedule at the time of booking.

Will we be working with other groups?

If there is another group with similar trip objectives scheduled to be on campus at the same times as yours it is possible for you to spend time working together. This can be a rewarding experience as it gives you the opportunity to spend time with like-minded people who are passionate about service.