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group of kids on mission trip

Improving Lives and Communities

A Crosswinds international mission trip experience isn’t just about accomplishing a task and going home.

It’s about coming alongside our Dominican friends, who have a vision and a calling to help their communities and neighbors. It’s about being part of a plan for lasting educational, economic and most importantly, spiritual, development.

Our goal is that each project our team does will contribute to this long-term vision and help us empower the Dominican people to improve their lives and communities.

These service projects also play a role in lasting change for teens who attend our Caribbean Mountain Academy, showing them the value of serving and loving others. Incoming mission teams breathe life, excitement, enthusiasm and encouragement into our campus, giving our students continued motivation to keep growing and learning.

group on mission trip to Caribbean Mountain Academy

Creating Hope and Lasting Change

The vision for our mission trips is simple: Love thy neighbor. We create long-term partnerships with specific communities around our Caribbean Mountain Academy campus in the Dominican Republic. For our work to be effective for months and years to come, we partner with local leaders who have existing plans and goals for improving their communities. Both our students and visiting mission teams work to build strong relationships with these partners, while offering them concentrated educational, economic and spiritual support.

In our mission work, we come alongside these leaders and help them implement their goals. Our work is about much more than offering funding and labor to complete critical projects. We also bring these communities the transformational power of Jesus Christ, helping to create change from the inside out.

group of teenagers on mission trip

Putting Service First

Your mission trip is an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and learn the true joy that comes from serving others. Whether you are participating in a community service project as part of your group mission trip, or working with the students in our Caribbean Mountain Academy, you will find that service is the foundation of your Crosswinds mission experience.

That service is rooted in the application of biblical and Christian principles, as we seek to make both an immediate impact and lasting change on those we work with. When you work with our students, you have the opportunity to demonstrate the value of service to others—a living demonstration of what it means to give of ourselves and do the work of God’s Kingdom.

Together, we walk away with new knowledge about others, and new insight into ourselves.

Your Crosswinds Mission Trip Experience Creates Lasting Change in So Many Lives

For those in the communities we work with, your service will help make their lives more self-sufficient. For the students at our Caribbean Mountain Academy, your participation will support programs that put their lives back on a positive track.

And of course, you will discover this trip creates many changes in your own life, too. We think you’ll find the experiences and viewpoints you gain on your mission trip will be both enduring and enriching.

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