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Is there a place you love to go to escape the distractions and stresses of everyday life? To take a deep breath and regain perspective? That is what we want the campus of our therapeutic Christian boarding school to be for our students.

Caribbean Mountain Academy is nestled on the side of a mountain in the Dominican Republic, just outside the small city of Jarabacoa. A Caribbean Mountain Academy student recently told our staff, “I love waking up here every morning…I just stand on the front porch and thank God for the view and all the clouds and all the houses, it’s just amazing.”

The peaceful atmosphere at Caribbean Mountain Academy is critical to the healing process of the teens in our care. Struggling teens are removed from distractions and negative influences of life back in the U.S., giving them a chance to regain perspective on what life is really about.

Faith to Move our Mountain Giving CatalogWhile the location of Caribbean Mountain Academy is designed to take teens away from distractions and out of their comfort zone, our campus buildings are designed to be places of safety and healing. Since our acquisition of the property in 2012, we have renovated many of the buildings on campus to make it feel more like a “home away from home.” Large porches, tranquil gardens, and colorful, comfortable rooms give our students places to unwind, debrief, and open up to our caring staff that live with them. However, there is still work to be done. View our Faith to Move Our Mountain Giving Catalog.


Staff Housing


Accommodate new staff and those with growing families. With growth comes the need for additional staff, and with additional staff, comes the need for more housing. One of the ways we can meet this need is to modify existing structures.

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Road Repairs 

Living and working on the side of a mountain has its challenges and one aspect is travel. Our roads need to be safe for our staff, students and guests to travel. Due to the high volume of traffic and heavy rainfall, we continually need to patch and repair our roads.

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Campus Beautification

Inspire students and visitors emotional well-being. Living within an aesthetically pleasing and culturally meaningful environment improves their outlook.

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Traveling in the Dominican Republic is challenging, at best. Therefore, it is vital that as students, staff and guests travel to work projects and church that the vehicles we use to transport them be safe and in good mechanical order.

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Relaxation & Solace

Peaceful and fragrant with gentle breezes from the forest, Casita del Sol, or “Little House of the Sun,” nestles near the top of Caribbean Mountain Academy. Our vision is for this rock-faced, rustic structure to be remodeled and transformed into a place of retreat, rest and relaxation for guests and staff.

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Our Dominican Staff

We’re grateful to have the opportunity to employ local Dominican staff as part of our CMA team. Not only does this provide much-needed jobs for the impoverished community surrounding our campus, but it also allows our youth to be exposed to examples of men and women who work hard and take nothing for granted.

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To donate via check, please make the check out to Crosswinds, Inc. If designating towards a specific area, please include a note indicating designation.

Mail all checks to:  Crosswinds, 4150 Illinois Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46804.