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My Husband has Anxiety, Will In-Home Counseling Help?

Will Counseling Help my Husband Manage His Anxiety? According to various surveys, anywhere from 18-30% of Americans suffer from anxiety.  Although women are twice as likely to have anxiety than men, the effects of anxiety on men can be debilitating.   In-home counseling offers many benefits and eliminates some of the obstacles that can be […]

The Impact of Anxiety

At some point in our lives, we all experience the impact of anxiety. When it becomes a constant presence in our mind, it can keep us from the daily joys of life. Learning how to identify the symptoms of anxiety is the first step in getting help. Learn how a Crosswinds counselor can help you […]

What if I Don’t Believe in Therapy?

Can Therapy Help Treat Depression and Anxiety if You Don’t Believe in Therapy? By: Tim Gilleand, Therapist Entering therapy for the first time often generates many questions or concerns. Who is this person? What kind of agenda may they be pushing? How can they help me when I’ve tried over and over? What is counseling? What if […]