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Therapeutic Christian Boarding School in the Caribbean

Our Philosophy

At Caribbean Mountain Academy, our Christian boarding school program is located in the Dominican Republic and focuses on blending best-practice therapeutic approaches and sound Biblical teachings, with an emphasis on healthy relationships and community service. We believe to foster change within the individual, a therapeutic Christian boarding school environment proves to be one of the most powerful tools available to aid troubled teens. This differs from other programs, such as a teen boot camp, which tends to focus solely on the individual and the use of strict military discipline over short periods of time to spark change.

The power of our program lies in the experiences our students have as they live and serve in a new culture, form positive relationships, and gain a new perspective. We also believe that for lasting change to occur, the whole family needs to be involved in the healing process. That’s why our In-Home Family Counseling program is a crucial part of our Christian boarding school experience (Caribbean Mountain Academy) as families undergo therapy while their child is away.

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Our Approach

The decision to send your child away for help often comes with tremendous pain.  Questions like, “What did we do wrong?” “What could we have done differently?” or “Is this our fault?” can weigh heavy on your heart.  Know that each question is one that has been asked by thousands of parents before you.  Unfortunately, questions like these can keep families from getting the help they need.  Most parents have tried everything they know and used every tool they possess with little or no success.  We believe that our experienced approach can be the difference between winning and losing this battle:

  • Faith-based Approach:  Each of our staff is a person of faith and is with us because they believe that faith in Jesus Christ can be the key to changing the lives of those with whom we work.  With that said, we are also respectful of each person’s beliefs and will not “shove our faith down someone’s throat.”  (We believe that does more harm than good, and aren’t looking to create a  boot camp for kids.) Instead, we rely on the godly examples of our staff, teachable moments through experiences, speaking the truth in love, and the Holy Spirit to plant seeds and change the hearts of the children we serve.
  • Strengths-based Approach:  No child is too troubled to change.  No child is without potential.  The truth of the matter is your child has gifts and qualities that have likely been overshadowed by the crisis they’re in.  Our goal is to work with your child as much on their strengths as we do on the areas he or she is struggling with.
  • Family-based Approach:  We believe that for us to be successful, it is necessary for the entire family to be involved in the process.  It is rarely the identified child’s issues that are the only issues that need to be addressed.  Crosswinds will be working directly with your family on a weekly basis to provide support for your specific situation.  Your teenager’s Caribbean Mountain Academy team will be working together with your family to share issues learned and skills that need to be developed within your child and within your family as a whole.
  • Therapeutic model:  Where many programs focus on addressing the immediate cause-and-effect relationship of what has been going on in your child’s life, we go deeper.  We address not only the emotional aspects that have led to negative behaviors but also the thoughts and beliefs that underlie such issues. It is only through this approach that we believe lasting results are achievable.

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