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Accredited Christian Boarding School

Our alternative school is unique, just like your child’s specific needs.  Crosswinds have a freeway-accredited Christian boarding school program, which allows us to issue credits to students based on their understanding of course material, not how much time they’ve spent sitting in a classroom.  This is critical for students who are trying to make up lost ground! Our academic program is also accredited by Christian Schools International (CSI), a gold standard accreditation program that is based on both a dedication to measuring the mission of the school and the process for continuous school improvement. Certificate of Accreditation.

In addition to this unique accreditation, our program also uses APEX digital curriculum, which means:

  • Course combinations are customized to your child’s current level of functioning and goals, including honors and advanced placement options, as well as concentrations for areas in need of review.
  • Students can work alongside one another in privacy and without the embarrassment of any current grade level, thanks to individual computer stations.
  • Youth progress at their own pace, giving them added incentive to work hard as they see the credits they’re able to earn.
  • Students have access to courses that will help them prepare for significant exams in their educational careers, such as the SAT or other college entrance exams.


In the Caribbean Mountain Academy classroom, we have licensed teachers to provide classroom instruction and supervision of the APEX digital curriculum use.  Their individual attention and guidance, in conjunction with the other Caribbean Mountain Academy staff, will give your student the tools to catch up, keep up, and even get ahead of their peers at home academically.

Our school operates year-round. Students are in school five days per week for a minimum of four hours per day. If a student completes their coursework and graduates from high school while at Caribbean Mountain Academy, they will be given the opportunity to earn money through on-campus jobs.

We understand the importance of getting your child back on track academically, in addition to the other aspects of his or her life. It’s our holistic approach that sets us apart from a traditional troubled teen boot camp environment.

Christian Schools International Accreditation