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Taking troubled teens out of their everyday environment

Caribbean Mountain Academy fosters hope and healing

If you’re considering the option of sending your troubled teen away from home for help and therapy, you’ve probably found there are many options you can consider. Programs for troubled teens exist all throughout the U.S., offering differing structure, services, and degrees of success.  But have you ever considered options outside of the U.S.?  Somewhere that allows your teen to get away from the constant exposure to social media, the internet, entitlement, and materialism?

At Crosswinds, we offer parents an option that takes teens out of their everyday environment to a new place, for a new kind of experience. Located in the mountains of the Dominican Republic, Crosswinds’ Caribbean Mountain Academy is a therapeutic Christian boarding school where troubled teens have the opportunity to focus, grow as individuals, serve a community, and get a fresh start. We are not a boot camp for troubled teens; instead, we offer an integrated, faith-based approach to promote lasting change in the life of your teen.

We understand that choosing to send your teen to a foreign location for help can be scary for many parents. You may be concerned that your child will be very far away, in a strange and remote place. Caribbean Mountain Academy provides the benefits of taking your child out of their day-to-day experience, but in an environment that is safe, well-staffed and not as far away as you may think.

In fact, the Dominican Republic is just a two-hour flight from Miami, and the nation is a popular tourist destination for Americans and Europeans. It’s home to about ten million people, known for their warmth and hospitality. While Spanish is the official language of the country, many Dominicans speak English as well. The country is governed by a representative democracy, just like the United States.

The Dominican Republic has a diverse landscape of beaches, mountains and rivers, providing many opportunities for teens at Caribbean Mountain Academy to experience outdoor adventures like hiking and rafting that help build confidence and offer new perspectives. This is just one part of our comprehensive program, but something that’s particularly enhanced by our location.

The grounds of the Caribbean Mountain Academy itself are comfortable and welcoming, featuring several “casas” where teens are housed among the beautiful natural settings. These are not stark dorms, but places where troubled teens can feel at-home during their therapeutic process.

Sending a troubled teen away from home for help isn’t the right decision for every family. But if you think it could help yours, we urge you to learn more about the Crosswinds’ Caribbean Mountain Academy and explore what other teens have to say about their experience with us.