Serving families and adolescents with counseling, mission trip experiences and boarding school programs designed to help individuals succeed, families thrive and communities prosper.

Troubled Youth Facilities at Caribbean Mountain Academy

Common Areas

Education and Instruction

Troubled Youth Facilities Exterior

Our therapeutic Christian Boarding school troubled teen facilities consist of three buildings, which form a “U” around a beautiful Caribbean court yard:  the student library, which boasts one of the largest English libraries in the Dominican Republic ; the computer lab, which is able to host 30 students at a time; and the open classrooms, counseling suite, and chaplain’s office.

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Crosswinds Chapel

The Chapel is a place of spiritual solace on campus, with its stained glass serving as a reminder of Christ’s offering to His people and what his sacrifice means for those of the Christian faith.  Beautiful, open windows that invite the majesty of the mountains and gardens into the service illuminate the natural wonders that surround our Christian boarding school’s chapel. The chapel hosts our weekly church services, spiritual retreats, and a variety of other services.

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Dining Pavilion

Crosswinds Dining Pavilion

The Dining Pavilion is spacious enough to accommodate not only our campus, but also community-wide events and visiting mission teams. It is surrounded by palms and a lovely view of the town of Jarabacoa.

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Student and Staff Houses

La Casa de Larimar

Crosswinds La Casa de Larimar

La Casa de Larimar, or “House of Larimer,” is located nearest to the front gate and the school’s lower campus. It has a large front porch overlooking a sports field. The sizable dorm room comfortably houses up to twelve, with additional rooms for caregivers. Its’ spacious common room is great for small group conversation, larger event gathering and inside games and activities.

*Depending on our current campus needs, visiting groups may also stay at La Casa de Larimar

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Casa Tropicál

Crosswinds Casa Tropical

Multileveled and perched like a Swiss chalet on a mountainside, Casa Tropicál, or “Tropical House,” is a family-type home for up to twelve students, along with their campus caregivers. Its beautifully landscaped yard airy upstairs dorm, porch view of the horse pastures and warm, cozy kitchen make it a memorable home away from home.

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Casa de Café

Crosswinds Casa de Cafe

Staff and their families, who love the outdoors find themselves right at home at Casa de Café, or “House of Coffee.” The common living areas are divided by a large river stone fireplace and bordered by sliding glass doors that open up to a hacienda-inspired front porch. The creek behind the house lullabies the twelve-student dorm all through the night. Its backyard is home to verdant tropical growth that shades a creekside patio and grill where lots of good food and fun are served.

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Casa Bethany

Crosswinds Casa Bethany

Named to honor a past staff member whose Christian values served as a vibrant testimony for many, Bethany House has a brightly colored, open-spaced interior with an island-based kitchen and a rock-walled common area. It has the capacity to be home for a campus family of twelve female students and caring female staff. Students enjoy the view and hang out time on the front porch, moments of reflection in the backyard memorial garden, and watching the friendly horses in the surrounding pastures.

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Casa de la Buena Vista

Crosswinds Casa de la Buena Vista

Walk up the meandering mountainside road to a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains from the front yard of Casa de la Buena Vista, or “House of the Good View,” and you’ll see how it got its name! Our staff and their families call this their home away from home. A kitchen with a wrap-around counter, a raised dining area, and a sunken living room are just some of the distinctive features that characterize the house. A favorite among students and staff alike is the fire circle outside with its valley wide vista.

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Guest Houses

Mission House

Crosswinds Goshen Mission House

The Goshen Mission House was built to provide a tranquil refuge and base for those who serve in Jarabacoa and throughout the island, whether they are visiting mission teams or local missionaries and pastors.

The Mission House can comfortably accommodate a group of 24 people, with two dorm-style rooms that have twelve bunk beds each.

Each dorm room has its own bathrooms with toilets, showers, and hot water.

There is a full size kitchen with a refrigerator, oven, coffee pot, and everything necessary if a group would like to prepare its own meals. However, meals can be provided, should you choose.

The second story contains two full size apartments, a meeting area, and a sweeping view of the Jarabacoa valley.

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Visitor’s Apartment

Crosswinds Visitor's Apartment

Our visitor’s apartment is located in the heart of campus, right next to the school area and Dining Pavilion. It’s colorful interior includes a welcoming sitting area, a cozy dining area, useful amenities such as a microwave and refrigerator, a private bathroom and spacious bedroom.

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Casita del Sol

Crosswinds Casita del Sol

Peaceful and fragrant with gentle breezes from the pine forest, Casita del Sol, or “Little House of the Sun,” nestles near the top of Caribbean Mountain Academy. This rock-faced, rustic retreat is available for use as a guest house and contains a completely furnished bedroom, sitting room, bathroom, and kitchen downstairs, with a sleeping loft upstairs. Whether you drink a cup of mountain grown coffee on Casita del Sol’s full front porch and watch the morning fog lift from the beautiful valley below, or enjoy the panoramic view through sliding glass doors as the evening lights of Jarabacoa twinkle like stars from below, this is a great place for rest and reflection.

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