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Federal Trade Commission – Questions You Should Ask

Here are our answers to the questions that the Federal Trade Commission’s website suggests parents ask concerning Residential Treatment Programs for Teens.

Are you licensed by the state?


Do you provide an academic curriculum?

  • Yes, we use APEX curriculum. This is an online, self-paced curriculum. We have licensed teachers providing the instruction.


What about accreditation?

Do you have a clinical director? What are his/her credentials?

  • We have fully-licensed social workers on our therapy staff at CMA. Read more about our team here.


What are the credentials of the staff, especially the counselors and therapists, who will be working with my child?

  • We have two with degrees in Social Work, a masters level therapist and a Licensed Social Worker, plus others with 4 yr college degrees. All staff is trained in providing child-care. Read more about our staff here.


How experienced is your staff? Have they worked at other residential treatment programs? If yes, where and for how long?


Do you conduct background checks on your employees?

  • Yes, extensive local, state and federal checks are conducted prior to becoming an employee.


What are the criteria for admission? Do you conduct pre-admission assessments? Are they in person, by phone, or over the Internet? Who conducts them?

  • Students are assessed on an individual basis for admission. Parents fill out an application and discuss their child’s history and needs with our admissions team. Most communication with families is via phone and the internet due to the program being in the Dominican Republic. The placement team and administrators determine if each student would be appropriate for services at Caribbean Mountain Academy.


Will you provide an individualized program with a detailed explanation of the therapies, interventions, and supports that will address my child’s needs? When is this done? How often will my child be reassessed?

  • Each student is given an individual treatment plan within 14 days of admission. Family and student give input on this plan. A monthly report is used to report on progress. The treatment plan is reviewed and revised every 90 days.


How do you handle medical issues like illness or injury? Is there a nurse or doctor on staff? On the premises? Will you contact me? Will I be notified or consulted if there’s a change in treatment or medication?

  • We do have a nurse on-site at Caribbean Mountain Academy. Routine medical needs such as over the counter medication and basic first aid are handled by the nurse and staff at Caribbean Mountain Academy. Any non-routine medical, medication changes, injuries, or major illness are handled through consultation with parents, our on-site nurse, and local medical facilities. All medical services are billed to the family.


How do you define success? What is your success rate? How is it measured?

  • Currently, success is determined through completion of the program. Students have personal goals and expectations for each level. In 2015, 77% of the students have completed their individual program.


How do you discipline program participants?

  • Caribbean Mountain Academy uses discipline similar to how we believe discipline should be handled in a family household. Students are communicated with to determine what behavior was inappropriate, they discuss the emotions behind the behavior and ultimately the heart issue of the behavior. Students are taught an appropriate way to correct the behavior, the thinking behind the behavior, and the heart issue of the behavior. For continued inappropriate behaviors, students may lose privileges.


Can I contact/speak with my child when I want? Can my child contact me when he wants?

  • We set up routine weekly phone calls, family therapy sessions, video-conferencing with each family. We schedule these out so that both parties are available, exceptions to this rule take place and both students and family may request changes to this schedule.


What are the costs? What do they cover? What is your refund policy if the program doesn’t work out?

  • Cost is $5,000 per month. This covers all aspects of the program except for outside medical care and medications. We’re continually seeking grants and private funds to help offset program costs for families in financial need.  Please check with our Intake Coordinator to see if any funds are currently available and to explore other financial resources, such as private insurance.
  • Parents are only billed for the time their child is in the program.


Do you have relationships with companies and individuals that provide educational and referral services?

  • Not currently in terms of educational services but we have numerous individuals personally refer families to our program. There is no commission paid for these referrals.


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