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Troubled Teen Warning Signs

When to Get Help For Your Troubled Teen

Crosswinds firmly believes that the best place for a child is in their home with their family.  However, If you are researching a residential boarding school chances are pretty good that your teen needs help beyond the scope of what you can provide at home and you have exhausted other options such as typical grounding, heart-to-heart conversations, individual or family counseling, and short-term residential programs.

The following are some troubled teen warning signs that temporarily removing your child from their current environment could be a good option for your family:

  • Rebellion – Blatant rebellion and refusal to follow any rules or guidelines you set in place as parents, resulting in long periods of stress and anxiety for your family.
  • Ineffective Punishment – Indifference toward punishment or discipline; teen ignores punishments and continues with destructive behavior with no display of remorse or concern about the consequences.
  • Depression – Excessively sad and withdrawn, avoiding all friendships and relationships.
  • Self-Destructive Behaviors – Cutting, impulsive or reckless behavior, and subtle threats of suicide.
  • Running Away – Your child has not come home at night or has gone unaccounted for, for long periods of time, with little or no remorse for their actions upon returning home.
  • Sexual Promiscuity – Sexually promiscuous and/or consistent viewing of pornography with no remorse or acknowledgement of moral wrongdoing.
  • Aggressive – Verbally and/or physically aggressive towards people, pets, or belongings; bullying peers.
  • Abnormal Sleeping Patterns– Significant change in sleeping patterns (excessively sleepy or night/day mix-up).
  • Poor Academics – Drastic, sustained drop in grades and/or refusal to attend school.
  • Defiant – Consistent lying; cheating; stealing; and manipulation.
  • Substance Abuse – Consistent and/or increasing drug and alcohol usage.
  • Illegal Actions – Have previously had run-ins with the law, which have resulted in no change in behavior.
  • Hate toward Loved Ones – Seeming hatred of family and refusal to spend any time with family members.
  • Virtual Addictions – “Virtual” video gaming or internet addiction; or constantly on Facebook, Twitter, or texting.
  • Wrong Friends – Choice of “friends” are destructive, display disrespect, are age inappropriate for your teen, live lifestyles in opposition to your families beliefs and your child refuses to disconnect from them.
  • Self-Absorbed – Disregard for or total infatuation with appearance.
  • Odd Thinking – Fascination or pursuit of magic-power, “the dark arts.”
  • Narcissism – Extreme controlling actions and attitude towards family members and friends.
  • Behavior Change – Marked shift in personality and behavior; extreme hatred of things they once loved or love of things they once hated.
  • No positive progress after months of consistent therapy.


If your teen exhibits several or more of these warning signs, it may be time to get help. Consider our therapeutic boarding school, Caribbean Mountain Academy, as a next step for your teenage.

Looking for help for your troubled teen or family? You are not alone. Help for your troubled teen is just a phone call away.

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