Serving families and adolescents with counseling, mission trip experiences and boarding school programs designed to help individuals succeed, families thrive and communities prosper.

Spiritual Growth & Development

We believe that faith in Jesus Christ can be the key to changing the lives of those with whom we work.  The Gospel is consistently shared, but never in a manner that would resemble a Christian teen boot camp or a force-fed message.  In fact, we believe that does more harm than good. Instead, our unique approach relies on the Godly examples of our staff, teachable moments through our experiences and speaking the truth in love through the Holy Spirit to plant seeds and change the hearts of the teens we serve.

Your child’s experience at Caribbean Mountain Academy, often referred to as a therapeutic Christian boarding school, will include both structured and unstructured opportunities to see the love of Christ and faith at work in the lives of those around them including:

  • Daily devotionals
  • Weekly Bible studies
  • Sunday worship
  • Christ-centered counseling sessions
  • Ministering to others through community service projects
  • Mentoring and guidance provided by program staff
  • Special events or presentations


Active participation in these activities is not mandatory, but attendance and respect for others as they participate is. Accepting Christ, becoming a Christian, and embracing faith will never be a requirement for a student to move up to the next level of the program or graduate from the program.

In addition, visiting mission teams often come to us from churches, youth groups, or other faith-based organizations and provide a tangible example of faith in action. Through working alongside team members during service projects, sharing meals with them, and experiencing new adventures together, students witness first-hand the joyful and selfless attitudes of those who have chosen to make serving God and serving others a priority in their lives.  Essentially, when a troubled teen spends time at Caribbean Mountain Academy, they will witness Christian values being lived out by others on a daily basis.